"It was an old quandary for them. He needed sex in order to feel connected to her,
and she needed to feel connected to him in order to enjoy sex."

~ Lisa Alther (1990)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 3 Anniversary Issue, 2002

Short Stories
First Date  by Sage Vivant

An Exclusive April Fool's Tale from Mind Caviar & Custom Erotica Source with Special Illustration by Eroticonomicon.

A Garden Called You  by Jamie Joy Gatto
Sometimes We Need Someone Who Really Understands Us

silver clit awards
"A Garden Called You" by Jamie Joy Gatto
Winner Best Short Story 
March 2002 Silver Clitorides Award

Associations: A Valentine's Day Tale  by Astrid L.
Another Delicious Food-Sex Tale from Our Darling Astrid L.

silver clit awards
 "Associations" by Astrid L.
Nominated for Best Short Story
March 2002 Silver Clitorides Award

Rise To The Top  by Lana Gail Taylor
An Erotic Trio Experiences an Intimate Power Struggle

An Anniversary To Remember
by Rachel Kramer Bussel
A Couple Takes a Sexy Risk to Celebrate Their Love

Before He Was Mine  by Isabelle Carruthers
Rare Compasion For a Lover's Ex

The Dare  by May Sumerhayse
A Trip to the Grocery Store Was Never Quite Like This

Tease  by Miranda Simone
A Mercy Fuck or a Power Trip? You Decide

Short Shorts

Cage #1 and Cage #2 by James Williams
Two Amazing Tales by a Master of His Genre

Relationships With Food  by Oceania
Sometimes Our Body's Needs Reflect Those of The Soul

Maggie, Fred, George & Alice
by Judith A. Saul
New Friends Share a Unique Sexual Sensation

Here is a Man, A Young Man by Tom Myer
A Flash of Sensual Sychronicity

Graphic Art by Mia Jennings. Copyright 2000, 2001 Mia Jennings. All Rights Reserved.

"Sin" Copyright © 2002 Mia Jennings. All rights reserved. 
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