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Tom Myer  is a freelance writer and photographer living in Austin, Texas. He is the co-founder and editor of the now defunct erotica community Brilliant Smut. Tom also edited and prepared Jamie Joy Gatto's eBook, Suddenly Sexy. Tom's favorite kink is sex and chocolate-- together.

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Here is a Man, a Young Man

Here is a man, a young man, sitting on a couch in the university library stacks. It is late, and the full moon's light streams through a window and bathes him in a yellow-green cast. His nose is buried in a thick Chaucerian tome, and he is reading the Miller's Tale.

It is not as bad as he thought; ribald even, amusing.

There is a woman, a young woman, zaftig, with large pouty lips like you'd see on a movie star. She is sitting on another couch, with her biology book in her lap. She is not reading it. She is watching the young man bathed in moonlight, immersed in Chaucer, with one finger hooked under her book, pushing on her clit languorously, softly, expertly.

She thinks about: evolution, genes, rut. When he shifts, exposing his crotch, she imagines his hand on her, parting her lips, making way for the cock that would fill her, transport her, eradicate her lust. Use her up. Make her new again for tomorrow.

When she gasps, he looks up, sees her flushed face. He smiles at her, then reaches for his tea. It's hot and silky-- the sweetness bathes his tongue, his throat.

Copyright © 2002 Tom Myer. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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