"We've surrounded the most vital and commonplace human function
with a vast morass of taboos, convention, hypocrisy, and plain claptrap."

--Ilka Chase, on sex (1943)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 3 Anniversary Issue, 2002

Are Golden Showers Safe? Get The Scoop!
by Jamie Joy Gatto

A Mind Caviar reader is concerned about possible health hazards from indulging in piss play. Is it safe? 

"... My lover is very enthusiastic, and claims that there’s no problem in drinking a healthy woman’s pee. I love her, and want to make her happy, but I’d like to know whether there can be any related health problems for me by doing so... I was really surprised to find her piss quite clean and fresh tasting-- though a bit salty-- and I had no problem in letting her do this whenever she wanted to."
Read on for the whole story... and learn more about how "water sports" can enhance your own sex life.

Reader's Question:

Dear Jamie Joy,

Can you please help me fast? I am fifty-two year old man, and I have a wonderful sexual relationship with my girlfriend who is forty-seven. She’s a very passionate and handsome woman who loves to receive oral sex by sitting on my face and pursuing her orgasms aggressively until she is fully satiated. A few months ago she woke up early one morning and climbed atop my mouth. But after a few minutes she released me saying she had to go to the bathroom, so I followed her there. Suddenly I was overcome with the desire to receive her pee in my mouth, and with a bit of coaxing she agreed and did it with some difficulty. This turned her on very much, and I she urged me to continue to eat her after the flow stopped until she climaxed violently in my mouth. 

She got so enthusiastic about this that she decided she wanted to piss into my mouth regularly, maybe even to try only pissing in my mouth, whenever she had the urge to go. I was keen to her make her happy, and we did it many times-- but always in the bathroom. Also, I always let my mouth fill with the piss, then let it flow out, although I had to spit out the very last fill. I was really surprised to find her piss quite clean and fresh tasting-- though a bit salty-- and I had no problem in letting her do this whenever she wanted to.

But now she wants to do it in the bed, and then I’ll have no choice other than to drink all her piss to the last drop. She is very enthusiastic, and claims that there’s no problem in drinking a healthy woman’s pee. I love her, and want to make her happy, but I’d like to know whether there can be any related health problems for me by doing so. I would also like to know how frequently and how much urine I can consume– especially in the initial days of excitement as she intends to only piss in my mouth each and every time she has to go. 

Please help me, as she is getting very impatient.

Jamie Joy Says:

Dear Reader,

Thank you for having the courage to write. Here is the fastest answer I can offer after much thought and careful research.

Piss play is a taboo that most of us indulged in during childhood with playmates or siblings, and many adults continue to use urine play as a form of "naughty" or "dirty" play during sex. Not everyone actually drinks or consumes urine, but many use piss as a "shower" over a lover's genitals, face or body. Other people simply find the look of urine gushing forth from their lover's genitals to be sexually exciting, and the warmth rush of such a personal liquid cascading over nude skin can feel very stimulating, as well.

Urine consumption is an age old practice, both for sex play, and for medicinal and spiritual purposes. The drinking of one's own urine for medicinal purposes is referred to today as "Urine Therapy" but stems from an ancient Tantric and yoga practice called Amaroli which is still practiced primarily in the East and is gaining popularity in some circles in the West to stimulate health and sexual drive. Documents as old as five thousand years instruct on the use of urine (one’s own and others) as a medicine both internal and topical, used to heal everything from burns, to infections, to cleansing of the eyes, ears, and even for cleansing the blood and in treating serious illnesses. 

The ancient Romans, too, exalted the use of drinking urine by creating huge urinals that were sometimes also used for bathing. While there is some evidence and speculation that this Roman notion was partly for kink’s sake, there is also documentation that asserts the Romans considered urine as a form of medication. In modern times Western medicine is considering a therapy for AIDS patients involving urine in which AIDS antibodies are extracted from the patient’s own urine.

While I am not a doctor, and I cannot offer you medical advice, I can tell you what I’ve learned after seriously researching urine and sexual piss play which is also known as “water sports.” Urine is about 95% water and contains hundreds of trace elements as well, including hormones, minerals and other elements. Urine is generally sterile, unless you specifically have a urinary tract infection or you are infected with HIV. Toxic substances may also be passed through urine, such as lead or arsenic. It is possible for you to catch an infection if your partner's infected urine enters your body. 

“Golden showers” --which is the act of urinating onto the skin or body– are generally safe as long as the piss doesn't get in your eyes, nose, mouth or other orifices. Drinking urine, or having a partner urinate into your anus or vagina may allow infections to pass into your body. According to some sources, if you drink your own urine you can possibly transfer infections from your kidneys, bladder, or urethra to your mouth or throat. 

When considering piss play rectally, please realize that pee can contain caustic compounds that may irritate your colon lining leading to the possible development of colitis, which is an inflammation of the colon. A person will also absorb any chemicals in their partner's urine through the colon wall, which can lead to HIV infection.

The circumstances in which you should never drink urine or take it into your body in any way are: if you're not healthy, if you have an autoimmune disease, if you have kidney problems, high blood pressure, diabetes or other medical problems. You could and may likely worsen your condition by drinking another person's piss.

Meanwhile, Urine Therapy sources proclaim the endless healing benefits of urine, even going as far as to suggest that Urine Therapy (which primarily espouses only the partaking of one’s own urine, and not others) can heal the aforementioned symptoms and illnesses plus more. I suggest you use your best personal  judgement, or consult a physician in order to proceed in a manner with which you feel most comfortable after weighing out health risks possibly associated with drinking or playing with a partner's urine.

Here are a few practical suggestions to use if you decide to proceed in drinking urine as sex play. 

Make sure your partner drinks a lot of water and eliminates frequently during the day of play. This will ensure a cleaner, fresher smelling and tasting liquid. Secondly, your lover should avoid eating green leafy vegetables, especially asparagus which will impart a horrible ammonia smell and flavor to his/her pee. Other foods to be avoided are legumes (beans), cauliflower and broccoli. Likewise, eating sweets will cause blood sugar to rise, and will create a sweeter-tasting flavor. This might be pleasant or sickening, according to your tastes. You may wish to experiment with this idea. Please note that trace alcohol will pass through urine unfiltered by the kidneys and liver. If you are an alcoholic this is especially important fact to know and to consider when consuming others urine. Please take note: It is also possible for some organic psychedelics to pass through urine. 

Last but not least, please consider using protection for your linens and especially for your mattress if you will be playing water sports in the bed. The scent of urine is very difficult to get out, and urine can ruin a mattress by staining and causing odor. An average quality mattress can cost 500-1200 dollars, not a cheap ticket item. You can purchase plastic sheets and mattress protectors in order to line your bed, and then place washable linens atop, if you wish, for comfort. I'd recommend having a large plastic garbage bag ready to toss linens in when you are through, and then wash them as soon as you are able with a baking-soda type detergent in order to remove any stains and scent. Another inexpensive option would be to put down a clean, plastic shower curtain you can reserve especially for your water sports play, and later you may rinse to clean it in the tub. 

You could also have a small, washable garbage can handy if you wish to spit-- ready if you are unable to consume all of the urine dispelled. And of course, have lots of clean towels on hand. I suggest playing in the bath tub, or maybe if you have a secluded deck or patio, to play there until you are able to keep your bedroom relatively waterproof. Until then enjoy your explorations. Good luck, have fun, stay safe! 

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