Mind Caviar
"The artist must / create himself or be born again."
-- Denise Levertov (1961)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 3 Anniversary Issue, 2002

The Art of Ben Walker

"I am a UK based photographer, and have been actively taking photographs for over ten years. I was introduced to the joys of nude photography by my older brother; I used to sneak a look at his book collection when I was a kid. The thrill seems to carry through to the present, as I still get the same buzz from looking through my latest work.

I have had many small Web sites show my work, but the best collection of my work can be found at Michelle7, a fine art erotic photography site and showcase of artists. Michelle7 were very supportive of my early work. Jack Gilbert, the Artist Representative for them, actually sought after me. I must admit, I was surprised.

I have spent many long hours in the dark room trying to come up with a style of my own. For a long time I believed it to be impossible. I would fret about it so much I nearly made myself ill, not to mention the strain it put on the relationship with my wife, Lynn, who is also my most photographed of models.

Art Both my wife and I have healthy interest in sex. I think most couples play in front of a camera at some point in their relationship, so it seemed natural and fulfilling to explore new ideas with each other. Then, like most things, it developed into something of a hybrid of Love, Sex and Art. I strongly feel that all those aspects come through in the work.
As time has progressed I have delved into different avenues, some involving quite 'hard' images. It has taken a huge amount of time to be accepted at an artistic level. Now a lot of publishers, and for the most part the Net, is branching out into new territory, so it is becoming easier for creative photographers to get their work seen.

Recently I discovered digital photography and the digital darkroom. I now produce 80% of my work this way, although digital still has a long way to go. So I always have my trusty 35 mm just in case."

Art The Book: The Sensual Couple

Ben Walker's selective work has been compiled in an eBook entitled The Sensual Couple. The Sensual Couple is an erotic documentary of the artist and his wife's adventurous sex life as perceived by visionary fine art photographer, Ben Walker. He and his own wife are the sexual centerpieces, along with a host of friends.

The book contains eleven chapters featuring 350 full-size, high resolution photographs, each an exquisite masterpiece of fine art erotica. Price: $15.95 one-time fee. Click here for more information or to purchase this book.

Email Ben Walker for more information regarding his work.


The preceeding essay and all images are copyright © Ben Walker 2002. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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