Mind Caviar
"To rebel or revolt against the status quo is in the very nature of an artist."
-- Una Hagen (1973)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 3 Anniversary Issue, 2002

The Art of Reno Larson

Reno Larson's self-portrait (at right) portrays the artist viewing his own work in a gallery setting. A framed portrait bearing a bruised and severed transgendered torso hangs larger than life in a stark room, looming before the artist. The artist is portrayed as a simple man dressed in monochromatic neutral-tones. He gazes up at his work from a corner of the room. In the foreground, one severed breast-- obviously removed/missing from the framed torso-- is perched upon a table, placed on a traditional Buffalo diner-style plate. The disembodied breast seems to be served as simply as if it were a slice of peach pie from the corner lunch counter. 

Is the artist deconstructing his own work in this self-portrait? Or is he merely observing his own work while offering a hefty piece of himself to the viewer? Reno dares to peek under the veil of decay, and sometimes despair, then places emotionally difficult imagery amidst diametrically opposed settings, such as the genius work he's done with his "Living In Barbie's Dream House" series. With such violent, sexual and disturbing imagery, it may take a lot to muster a peek at Reno Larson's work, but Mind Caviar feels it's well worth the punch in the gut and the treat for the eyes-- not to mention the rush of guilt induced from Larson's wicked humour.

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Visit Larson Industries to see more of Reno Larson's work. 

Email Reno Larson regarding his work.

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