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Rachel Kramer Bussel  writes "The Lusty Lady" column at ctomag.com and the Erotica Reader's Association column, "Rachel's Kiss and Tell". She's also an Editorial Assistant at On Our Backs. Her writing has appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, Oxygen.com, Curve, On Our Backs, Bust, Clean Sheets, and several anthologies, including Starf*cker, Best Lesbian Erotica 2001, Faster Pussycats, Hot & Bothered 3, Tough Girls and Best Bisexual Erotica 2. She is the co-author of the forthcoming Erotic Writer's Market Guide

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An Anniversary to Remember

For our third wedding anniversary, I wanted to give my husband Bob something truly special, something he’d never have expected but would completely enjoy. Not just a normal gift, but an out-of-this-world experience that he'd treasure. To be honest, my gift idea would benefit me, as well. 

We’d dated for five years before we got married, so we knew each other pretty well, and one thing I’d learned about him over the years is that I’m definitely the more adventurous of the two of us. It’s not that he doesn’t enjoy some of our escapades or spontaneous adventures, but if it were up to him, we’d follow the same routines-­ from restaurants to vacations to movies to sex-­ that we always have. Now, mind you, these routines aren’t bad or anything, but for me they tend to get a little boring and I’m constantly looking for ways to spice things up.

I had a feeling that once I could get Bob to see that there were other possibilities than our usual sexual routine, he’d be open to them, at least judging by his reactions to some of the fantasies I’d spun in bed with him. He’d always gotten turned on when I’d described wanting to have another woman (or sometimes man) join us in bed, adding on to my tales and seeming as swept away by our fictive adventures as I was. But, unlike me, he’d never had a threesome, so for him it was purely a dream, a delightful thought of what could possibly be, in some other life. I wanted to give us that gift in the here and now.

I’d been looking for something we could do for our anniversary that would be completely new to us, that would help us learn about each other while giving us a memory we’d treasure forever. So when my friend Sandy told me about a sex party she and her husband Patrick were hosting, I knew that this would be my surprise anniversary gift to Bob. She said that they’d been to a few of these kinds of parties, and had found them incredibly fun and sexy. She’d been nervous at first but was put totally at ease and even found herself acting out fantasies she’d never told anyone about. She and Patrick had been so impressed with the parties that they wanted to throw their own, inviting some couples from the parties they’d been to and some from their own circle of friends. Her offer was just the kind of kinky event I’d been looking for, but with the bonus that we’d be among friends. 

I decided to keep it a surprise because if I told Bob in advance and gave him the chance to back out, he’d take it, before even letting himself imagine what fun it might be. “What if we don’t like it? What if nobody there is attractive? What if everyone just stares at us? What if they don’t like us? What about safe sex?” He’d pepper me with so many questions that I’d eventually give in, as I’ve done in the past, and abandon my plan for a cozy night at home. I almost gave up on the idea, but I was much too curious and excited to let it go. And But with the motto “it’s for your own good” firmly lodged in my head, I went ahead with my plan and told Sandy to count us in.

The night of the party, which was the day before our actual anniversary, I did tell Bob we’d be going over to Sandy’s place, but I didn’t tell him exactly what we’d be doing there. 

“Oh, she’s having some people over, a little party, very intimate,” I said as casually as I could. “Wear something nice,” I added, even though I knew that our clothes wouldn’t be staying on for long. 

Since we were very close to Sandy and Patrick, dining with them at least every other week, Bob didn’t question me, though he did give me a funny look.

When we pulled up, he glanced around at the cars in the driveway. They weren’t the familiar fancy cars most of our friends drove, but an array of pickup trucks, sports cars, and midsize average cars, with plates from a few neighboring states. 

“Whose cars are those? What’s going on? What kind of a party is this?” he asked suspiciously, but I dragged him towards the door with a quick “You’ll see.” 

When he stopped on the sidewalk and refused to go forward, I slid my hands underneath the sides of his jacket.

“Come on, baby, let’s go inside.” I moved closer to him so our bodies were touching. “It’s a special party, and we’re going to have a lot of fun,” I told him softly. “You won’t be sorry, just come inside with me.” 

I kissed him right there outside the house and ran my hands up and down his chest, then put them behind his back and pulled him closer to me. After a few minutes of cuddling and kissing, he started walking up the steps.

“I hope this is worth it,” he mumbled.

When we got inside, Sandy greeted us in a negligee, her normal hostess-friendly smile on her face. We hung up our coats and went to greet the other guests. Any notion of this being a normal party was dispelled as soon as we walked into the living room. I clung tightly to Bob’s hand lest he try to leave when he saw that almost all of the guests were in various states of undress, most of them totally nude. Our friend Frank walked over to us and said hello, seemingly unconcerned that he was completely naked. I just joined in his game, greeting him and catching up on the latest happenings in his life. 

Bob looked around, a bit stunned by the site of so many naked bodies. His hand clutched mine tightly; I couldn’t tell whether it was out of fear, nerves, or excitement. He gave me a bracing look, indicating by a nod of his head that he wanted to talk to me in private. 

We walked towards a secluded corner. “What is this, babe? I mean, these are our friends, they’re not some wild sex freaks!” 

“Well, actually, they are, they just don’t let a lot of people know about it. And they’re not freaks, they’re still the same friends we’ve always had, with a special twist.” 

“What are we going to do in there? I mean, do you want to have sex with any of these people?” His voice came out in a kind of twisted whine, incredulous, yet verging on excitement.

I glanced down at his crotch, and noticed that for all his whining, his dick was hard and creating a huge bulge in his pants. I stepped towards him and placed my hand around his hard cock. “Maybe I do want to, or maybe I just want them to watch us fuck. Does that turn you on?” I asked as I stroked his cock through his pants. All he could do was moan and pull me close to him for a hug. 

We stayed like that for several minutes, then rejoined the party. I thought Bob had calmed down, but he still had a rather stricken look on his face. I kept holding his hand and squeezing it, and gradually he seemed to pick up on my cues and relaxed a bit, making small talk and even smiling as he tried to check out the action from the corner of his eye. We made the rounds of the friends who were hanging out in the living room, then made our way toward the kitchen, where I helped myself to some snacks and a glass of vodka and cranberry juice. Some of the other party guests were also in the kitchen and we all started chatting. As we stood around the kitchen, one man came up right behind me and started massaging my neck. Bob stared at him for a minute, and I could tell his first reaction was to come up next to me and take over my backrub. I looked at him sternly, then gave a pointed glance at his crotch, before smiling brightly at the rest of guests.

The guy’s fingers on my neck felt amazing. I leaned forward and moved my hair off my neck to give him better access. All of a sudden the conversation died down to whispers as people sensed that the party was about to heat up. I could hear some scuttling behind me, and when I turned around, I saw that the guests had removed the snacks from the kitchen table, clearing it. Then, before I had much of a chance to ponder what was happening, the guy who’d been rubbing my neck lifted my up onto the table. 

I hesitated for a moment, but then decided that this was why I’d come to the party, to have fun. I lay down on the table and groped for Bob’s hand. He reached out for it and walked to the edge of the table next to me. He squeezed my hand and smiled, and when I looked up into his eyes I saw that something had made him feel better about this, that he was no longer tense and nervous but curious and anxious to see what delights were in store for me. 

I lay back and felt hands remove my clothes, unbutton my shirt, unzip my pants, undressing me until I lay on the table naked, fully exposed. I opened my eyes and again stared into Bob’s, and he stared back with a look filled with love and lust. I looked around and saw that five guys and three women were standing around the table. At my feet, two guys were adjusting Velcro ties around my ankles. 

“Is that ok?” one asked.

“It’s fine,” I told him. 

And it was. Bob and I had tried some light bondage before, but had never really been able to perfect the hold on me, so I’d slip loose. Plus, we weren’t really sure what we were supposed to do once I was tied up, even though just being bound felt incredible. This time though, I could tell that the people binding my legs knew what they were doing. I tried to lift my leg up off the table and couldn’t, no matter how hard I strained against the thick black fabric around my ankle. The feeling of being caught, trapped, unable to do anything but submit, was intoxicating. Next they did the same to my arms, and then blindfolded me.

Bob stayed next to me, whispering in my ear soothing assurances and kissing me, as the bodies around the table began stroking me all over. I felt soft hands caress my nipples while bigger, rougher hands kneaded my inner thighs, and a tongue made its way around my clit. It was surreal to have all these hands on me and not know who they belonged to. I decided to stop thinking about who was surrounding me and enjoy the sensations. 

I felt someone suckling at my nipple and tried to arch my back, what little I could while immobilized, to give them better access to me. Then felt hands running up my legs, my thighs, to my cunt, then pausing and gently stroking. My legs were already spread wide by the velcro suspenders, wide enough to allow whoever sought it total access to me. As I felt a hot, eager tongue lapping at my cunt, I heard someone new approach the table. 

“Hi, sugar. You look so gorgeous all spread out like this. I can’t wait to taste you,” a voice whispered to me before kissing me full on the mouth. 

I recognized it as Sandy’s. Wow! We’d had dinner and gone out with Sandy and Patrick plenty of times, and I’d never had an inkling that she had such a wild side. Even when she told me about this party, I’d expected her to be playing more of a hostess role rather than being a full-on participant! I’d never thought of Sandy in a sexual way, even though she was very attractive, and had never considered that she was anything but 100% straight, but here I was being proved wrong. I kissed her back and felt her warm tongue diving into my mouth. We kissed for several minutes and I felt myself get even more aroused than I’d been before.

I could feel and sense all sorts of movement around me, and not being able to see only heightened my awareness. Instead of straining to pick up clues, I relaxed and leaned back against the table. Sandy moved from my mouth to my nipples, suckling them with her gentle mouth, until I heard her stop and breath in deeply.

“What’s going on?” I asked, my words slipping into the charged air around me. 

It was Bob’s voice that answered me. “Oh, I’m making sure Sandy gets to have some fun as well,” Bob said, and this time I strained to hear what they were doing. 

I felt them move and then Sandy climbed on top of me on the table. I could feel her bucking back and forth, and she told me that Bob had his fingers deep inside of her and was making her come all over them. As soon as she told me this, my own cunt leapt to attention and I felt such exquisite sensations inside me I thought I would explode.

I think I started to make strange noises, because Sandy got off of me pretty quickly after that. I was in such turmoil, I was totally aroused but I felt like if somebody didn’t touch me soon I would explode! My cunt felt like a firecracker and I was ready for it to take off. Well, I certainly got what I wished for, and much, much more. At just the point where I was ready to scream in frustration, I heard the loud sound of something hard being placed at the end of countertop, near my legs, and then I felt something incredibly cold touch the outside of my pussy.

“What is that?” I asked. 

“Shhh, just relax and enjoy it,” I was told. 

It felt like a huge piece of ice was being pushed inside me. It didn’t feel good exactly, but it didn’t feel bad. I tried to relax my muscles to let more of it in. Whoever was holding it began teasing me with it, pushing it into me slightly, then removing it, fucking me slowly then faster and faster as my body got used to the coldness of it. My breathing became more shallow as my whole body focused on the delicious coldness and my cunt began clenching tighter and tighter, until finally I released my breath and my cunt in one glorious orgasm, soaking the table. Tears sprang to my eyes at the intensity of the experience, and all I could do was lie there and cry as the spasms wracked my body over and over. Gentle hands undid the blindfold and ties and I sat up. Bob moved towards me and hugged me as I came down off this amazing sexual high.

After that, I had to sit on the couch and sip some coffee for a while. Sandy came by and whispered to me that I’d been really gutsy to do what I’d done, and that some of the other women were jealous that I’d gotten so much attention. I smiled to myself, pleased that I’d taken a chance and been rewarded so wonderfully. I asked her what they’d used on me, the cold thing. 

“Was it ice? It was so amazing.” 

She told me to close my eyes as she got up. She returned a few moments later and placed a cold metal object in my hand. I opened my eyes and stared at it. 

“This is what was inside me?”

“Yes. It’s called a Kegelcisor and I use it to strengthen my muscles. Patrick got the idea one day when he was watching me use it that we should put it in the freezer, and whenever he wants to see me go really wild, he gets it out and uses it on me. You looked like you needed something really strong there, honey, so we thought this would be good.” 

I stared at it, this rounded, long piece of metal. It was heavy, and as I held it up in front of me, it seemed more like a weapon than a sex toy. 

“Wow,” is all I could say, amazed at the things Sandy and Pat knew about.

Later on during the party, we mingled with the other couples, some of whom were just talking and some of whom were involved in more amorous activities. One particularly attractive couple, who we found lying naked on the living room floor, asked me to join them for a little while. I looked up at Bill, wanting his approval, and when he nodded I went off to join them. Pretty soon the three of us were rolling around with abandon, as the man and I together worked to make the woman come. She was already aroused when I joined them, which I discovered as soon as I placed my fingers inside her. I’d been with a woman once, a few years before I’d met Bob, but didn’t exactly feel like an expert in lesbian sex. But this woman was so excited that I didn’t need to be an expert. My simple finger motions seemed to set her off, and as she urged me to fuck her harder, I found myself really getting into it. 

Worried at first that I might hurt her, I then realized that she could withstand quite a bit, and I began slamming my fingers harder and harder against her. Her husband sooned joined me, his index finger delicately entering her ass while I continued to stroke and push my way inside her. She began moaning and letting out little screams, attracting attention from the rest of the party guests. I felt myself sweating and getting turned on by the level of her excitement. With my free hand, I reached out and held onto the husband’s free hand, squeezing it as we formed a circle of sensuality. When she came, I could almost feel her spasms pass through me. We rocked against each other until she was completely exhausted, smiling contentedly up at us. I smiled back, and slowly got up to look for Bob.

When I went looking for him, to my surprise, he wasn’t where I’d left him. I was expecting him to still be on the couch, relaxing, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. I continued my search, passing various erotic entanglements, but none of them involving my husband. Finally, I reached the master bedroom. The door was slightly ajar, and I pushed it open slightly further so I could see. What I saw came as quite a shock. Sandy was lying on her back on the bed, legs spread, head tossed back in abandon, as Bob, my Bob, fucked her! I stared at them, stunned. Even though I recalled him getting her off earlier, this was different for some reason, it was more intimate, more raw and wild. Patrick was sitting on the bed, watching them, his obviously hard dick in his hands. I must have made a noise because Sandy looked up. 

“Hi Nancy. Come join us,” she called out to me.

I entered the room cautiously. I wasn’t sure what I thought about the fact that Bob and Sandy were going at it right there in Sandy and Pat’s bedroom. Was this how Bob had felt while I’d been strapped down? I walked over to the bed and took my shoes off. Bob and Sandy slowed their frenetic pace, and I stood there watching them, mesmerized. I’d never seen him fucking from this angle, only what glimpses I could see while he made love to me. This was the same, yet different, and I found it beautiful to see his cock moving in and out of Sandy’s juicy wet pussy. He pulled me toward him and we kissed, a long, deep sensuous kiss, all the while with him rocking back and forth inside Sandy. She grabbed my hand and began sucking on my fingers while I kissed Bob.

I found that once I let go of my initial uncertainty, it was all very beautiful, all of us touching and getting off in our own ways. I leaned back and took off all of my clothes for the second time that night, joining my naked friends on the bed. I placed my hand over Bob’s balls and caressed them while he continued to fuck Sandy. I looked behind me at Patrick, who was so intent on masturbating that he seemed to almost be in a trance. I turned back to Bob and Sandy as Sandy began moving against him faster and faster, letting out little moans each time he slammed all the way into her. I let go of his balls and lay down next to Sandy, cradling her face in my hands and kissing her cheek and neck. I coaxed her on, telling her to let go and come, knowing she needed some extra encouragement to do what her body was obviously straining to do. 

“Yes, that’s it, I know, it feels so good, yeah, just relax, let go, you can do it Sandy, I want you to come, come on Bob’s dick for me, I want to see that.”

I kept whispering these words of encouragement to her, and she leaned her head towards me and nuzzled against me. I knew that she couldn’t talk, she was too close to the edge, ready to collapse into total bliss. 

I could feel Bob start to speed up his motions, and could tell from my many years with him that he was about to come. I reached down and began playing with myself, aroused yet again. I worked my fingers against my clit while staying as close to Sandy as I could. I closed my eyes and rubbed my lips against the soft skin of her shoulder. As I felt them reach fever pitch, I rubbed my clit extra hard, letting out a soft sigh as the waves of my orgasm overtook me. I lay back in time to see Bob finish pumping himself into Sandy, who had her legs wrapped around his waist and was reveling in each thrust. Just then, Patrick finally let loose and spurts of his come flew across the bed and over Bob and Sandy onto the floor. He collapsed next to me, and Bob and Sandy soon followed, their shouts of joy ringing out across the room. The four of us lay on the bed, tired, sticky, and sated. I had wanted to give Bob a special night, but this was much more than I’d have even hoped for. 

Eventually, we wandered out of the bedroom, Bob and I in our clothes, and Sandy and Pat in bathrobes. We said goodbye to the few remaining guests, who watched with envy as we walked down the hallway.

As Bob started the car, I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “Happy Anniversary, honey. I hope you had a good time tonight.”

“You know I did, baby. Thank you so much for this fabulous gift. I can’t wait till next year!” 

Copyright © 2002 Rachel Kramer Bussel. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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