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Mind Caviar appreciates historical erotica and recognizes that laws prior to this century may not coincide with the laws of today, and that the societal habits and religious mores of yesteryear may not be legal or morally valid in today's western world. We are presenting the following story, Madeleine as based on historical facts and practices, and therefore we wish to warn you that underage characters presented in the following story are depicted in sexual situations, presented much in the same fashion as popular literary and erotic writers such as Vladimir Nabokov and Anne Rice.


by Aidan Baker

"Madeleine is a retelling of the relationship between the Marquis de Sade and a teenaged girl, Madeleine LeClerc, whose mother worked in the hospital/asylum in which Sade was interred in the latter years of his life. Not much is known about this girl and the exact nature of her relationship with Sade; what is known about Madeleine is primarily gleaned from Sade's obsessively (and somewhat obtusely) kept diaries. 

Many of the details in this story relating to Sade -- from the epigraph he wanted for his tombstone to the symbol he used for anal intercourse in his diary -- are based on historical detail. The details about Madeleine are largely conjecture, speculation as to what would be going on in the head of a teenaged girl in a relationship with a notorious man some several decades her elder. Whether Madeleine was using Sade or vice versa -- or whether the relationship was simply based on mutual affection -- is ambiguous at best. 

My primary sources for this story were The Marquis de Sade, by Donald Thomas and Sade: A Biography, by Maurice Lever (translated by Arthur Goldhammer). Of these texts, the former is more of a 'popular' biography while the latter, which contains several excerpts from Sade's diaries, is more academic. Madeleine is also informed by the critical texts An Erotic Beyond: Sade by Octavio Paz (translated by Eliot Weinberger), a study of the erotic impulse, and The Sadeian Woman, by Angela Carter, a socio-sexual study of Sade's representation of women and female sexuality."


I understand that the following story deals with a sexual situation involving underage characters. I am not offended by such material and subject matter. I do not hold Mind Caviar responsible in any way for any issues which may arise from my viewing of such material. I view this material willfully. I am of legal age in my area to view such material. I am fully aware of my local laws, and it is legal for me to view this material in my vicinity. 

  • I agree to the above terms and I wish to read the story, Madeleine.
  • I do not agree to the above terms. 
  • I wish to comment regarding the posting of this story. 

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