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Rickey Pittman won Grand Prize in the 1998 Ernest Hemingway Short Story Competition. He is originally from Dallas, Texas.  He earned a BA in New Testament Greek and an MA in English from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas. After moving to Monroe, Louisiana, Pittman was added to the Louisiana Roster of Artists in 1998. Working closely with regional art councils, he was commissioned to write historical plays for Franklin and Madison parishes. In addition to freelance journalism, editing, and non-fiction writing, he has published short stories, poetry, and a novel, Red River Fever. Since 1994 Pittman has taught freshman English at universities in Louisiana and Texas.

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Friends, Books and Strangers

Half-sister to my friend,
I gave you a ride home from work.
You were beautiful, stunning actually,
Very pleasant to the eyes.
Later, I heard you posed in Playboy.
I wish I could have seen it.

You asked me what I liked to read.
You said, "I read erotica. Have you heard of Anäis Nin?"
I, a seventeen-year-locust just emerging from his grave, had not.
You placed Delta of Venus and Little Birds in my hands.
A night later, both collections were in my brain.
My loins stirred with the reading,
And when I returned the books,
You knew I knew something about you,
And I knew that you knew I had changed.

At a wet-T-shirt contest our radio station sponsored,
We stood together on a tabletop,
I stood behind you, my cock pressed into your butt,
And it swelled as the girls flashed and stripped,
We evaluated each girl's tits.

With my arm around your waist, I pulled you tightly to me and
Thought of "The Woman on the Dunes"
A story from Little Birds.
I wished we had been there,
Trapped in a crowd
Where I could lift your skirt,
And my penis could give "a great leap" within you,
"Gushing out its warm life,"
Fucking you like you were a stranger.

"Friends, Books and Strangers" Copyright © 2002 Rickey Pittman. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.


You were the experienced one,
Though younger by a year.
Me, limited
Before you
To gropes and pets
And the ache of blue balls.
I hadn't even masturbated
Before that night,
So my climax with you
Was an epiphany.

I still remember you,
Your freckled face,
Full-blossomed body;
And the sultry whispers
Of your voice
The time we humped
Inside my mother's closet,

But several trysts later,
You vanished from town
With some rock-n-roll guy
Who sang your name.
You never even said

Everything in my life
changed when you left me,
And I began keeping score
Of who got screwed
The hardest.
Night after night,
In the back of my car,
With a picked-up girl;
Pumping hard 
Into her
To forget you.

"Linda" Copyright © 2002 Rickey Pittman. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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