Mind Caviar
"In order to be an artist, one must be deeply rooted in the society."

~ Simone de Beauvoir (1949)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 3 Fall Issue, 2002

The Photography of Jackie Alpers

Mind Caviar's Fall 2002 Gallery is a grouping of Alpers work taken from her collections entitled Conventions, Consumption, and Rituals and Mysteries. We love the way Alpers can take the image of a fruit stand or a toy puppet and turn it into a provocative, sensual piece of art.

Jackie Alpers doesn't want you to see her work as mere Reportage. It's much more than that. "My images are mainly about the objects, rituals and devices that people use for security, including food, costumes and sex. They are simple stories, exploring the reoccurring patterns of human existence."

Her images evoke the darker side of humanity; her subjects are survivors. She works with constructed situations, computer manipulation, and selective burning and dodging techniques to skew the viewers perception, creating scenes that are at the same time real and fabricated. Often her work is moody, including semi-autobiographical images which document the magic and mysticism in everyday life, as well as the vices and rituals that we rely on.

She is a bronze medal winner of the London Photographic Award and was recently showcased in PhotoReview Magazine and on PhotoBetty.com.

art art
art art

Visit Jackie Alpers online to see more of Jackie Alper's work. 

Email Jackie Alpers regarding her work.

All Images Copyright © Jackie Alpers 2002. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

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