Mind Caviar
"Any authentic work of art must start an argument
between the artist and his audience."

~ Rebecca West (1957)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 3 Fall Issue, 2002

The Conceptual Art of HollyWoo.TV

Mind Caviar was astounded by the art found at HollyWoo.TV. When asked to place a simple reciprocal link, your Editrix decided she must have a complete gallery of this work to feature in Mind Caviar's Velvet Glove. This art pushes it, and that just so happens to push our hot, little clit buttons.

From HollyWoo.TV's Web site's FAQ:

Q: Is Holly Woo a real person?

A: Holly Woo is very real. She is the alter ego of our model and the mistress of this mansion. Holly is a very complicated and, some say, disturbed girl. She gets her kicks by dressing up as different characters and living out her most bizarre dreams on film. She is multi-faceted and multi-orgasmic. Just when you thought she has done it all, she crosses that line that separates kinky and crazy.

What more can we say? We love it! Mind Caviar hopes you enjoy it, too.

sexy, sensual art

art art
art art

About HollyWoo.TV
by Holly Woo

We are constantly keeping an eye out for the latest in underground and unique fetishes. We twist these into themes that are inspired by almost everything around us. The photographer has a very slapstick sense of humor and I have a bit of a split personality, so we combine them to create amazing characters and hilarious jokes and innuendo. Usually, our story and character ideas begin with, '"Wouldn't it be funny if...". Our Webmistress and consultant are romantics at heart, and are generally spot on with helping develop ideas into a more erotic and sensual context, while preventing the jokes and bad taste from going too far.

Everyone involved helps with the photo themes. We like to have lots of model input and when we are stuck, we look in a book to which we have all contributed ideas and flesh them out from there. I think we are all inspired by different things. Our individual tastes really enhance the storylines and photo sets rather than conflict with them. I think my photographer has a very dark eye and a slapstick sense of humor. He would likely say his inspiration is from the Devil himself. But, he'd be kidding. Maybe.

I personally look to B-movies, fairy tales and my daydreams for inspiration. The photography is a good way for me to experience fantasies I've had, and the photos generally turn out a lot more beautiful than I had imagined. I can't really go into my favorite fetishes without ruining some surprises we have planned for future updates. But, I will say, that like all girls, I love a pony.

As for my favorite shoots... My number one favorite is the "Baby Madison" shoot. It hasn't been posted yet, so look out for it. I shot it with a good friend, who also has a very sick sense of humor. And the character I played-- and just the whole vibe of the shoot was so fun-- we had to stop shooting a number of times to keep from laughing. It makes me think we are doing this more for our own amusement, than anyone elses. 

As of yet, we haven't done any member requested shoots. But, we are excited to see what requests our fans may have. We will try our best to accomodate fantasies and model requests. So, send them in!

Visit HollyWoo.TV online to see more amazing fetish images. 

Email Holly Woo regarding her work.

All Images Copyright © HollyWoo.TV 2002. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

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