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Jaime 99 began submitting his poetry for editorial consideration at the coaxing of fellow Web writers. He is a newbie short story writer and poet who has published at MiPo, Erosha, and several other ezines and poetry journals.  He writes a variety of poetry from children's poems to erotica, and loves to try new poetry styles and challenges such as mixing languages into a poem or using a Japanese form to create the new and exotic verses.

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The Final Verse

Her thick, sex-poem voice was orgasmic
when she read poetry at slams, if she'd 

recited a catalog, the audience wouldn't
have cared. Almost a whisper she began:

Ying and Yang lovers entwine in 
slow soapy-sex bathtub turns

porcelain-white softness covers
hard summer tan. Auburn tresses 

massage his cheek whispered 
verse seduces their minds with 

tongue-lip punctuation to his ear.
Scented candles battle Wisteria and

Magnolia blooms for dominance 
bath oil fragrance rises to join the melee.

The poetry slam continues in subtle 
movements in symphonic waters 

strong hands hold firm cheeks to guide 
sweet friction. Final stanzas become 

unprintable-ecstasy with her feeling 
vampire-like cravings for a tawny neck,

nails furrow deep into back muscles.
Calm waters announce euphoric interlude,

she recovers to deliver the final verse.
Wash my back darling while I write this poem.

"The Final Verse" Copyright © 2002 Jaime 99. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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