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Kate Hill's   fiction and poetry have appeared in numerous publications such as Blood Moon, My Sister's Secret Place, Eternity, Dreams of Decadence, The Vampire's Crypt, Bordello, and genrEZONE. Her novel, The Darkness Therein will be released this year by Dark Star Publications. Her novella, Love on the Wild Side, will also be included in Dark Star Publication's electronic collection "Twilight Obsessions". She is co-editor of Parchment Letters, a zine of horror/erotica and paranormal romance, and she is editor of Tears on Black Roses.

Correspond with Kate Hill 

Savor Me
by Kate Hill

My breasts are gingerbread,
soft, scented spice. 
Brown sugar nipples 
sweetly scrape your tongue. 
My lips are smooth candied apple, 
a warm, delicious mouth to lick.
My slit is a cherry caramel treat, 
melting, addictive liquor. 
My body is a guiltless banquet 
for you to savor with your greedy lips, 
your sugary kiss. 

Formless Voyeurs
by Kate Hill

She fears that the dead 
watch as she touches herself 
beneath the sheets, 
so she slinks through the 
cemetery and sprawls 
naked on a damp stone 
crypt so that her hands 
can stray and pinch, 
squeeze and stroke in privacy. 
She knows graveyards 
are only safe because 
the dead won't stay 
with the dead 
when they can admire 
the living as they 
kiss and climax, 
shiver and sodomize 
in their beds. 

by Kate Hill

She teases me. 

Supple spine
stretches as she bends forward, 
painting the nails
of her delicate toes 
a shade of burgundy 
which accents 
the blush of her skin.
Soft, downy wisps 
decorate her slender,
lilac-scented nape.
She glances,
through lowered black lashes 
and winks. 

She touches me. 

Narrow fingers,
smooth with lotion, 
sift through my hair,
caress my face.
Gentle lips 
almost imperceptibly 
brush my nipples;
the faint contact 
causes me to shiver 
and my heart 
to throb faster, louder, 
until I'm certain 
she can hear its 
frantic rhythm. 

She claims me. 

Body sleek and warm 
beside mine,
languid in the 
she matches 
my every breath 
as she appoints herself 
my sensual guardian, 
my lusty mistress, 
my naked genie 
who promises me 
a lifetime 
of limitless wishes. 

My Lover 
by Kate Hill

Her dark, sweat beaded 
body sprawls, satisfied, 
on white cotton sheets. 

Long fingers rest, 
round-tipped and slender, 
across her muscled abdomen. 

Breasts with sharp, 
plum-colored nipples 
lift with 
each measured breath. 

Hair the color 
of wet limestone 
dusts her cheek and neck. 

She kisses my temple 
and whispers of tomorrow 
when, coyly, 
we will pretend 
not to know one another 

Copyright © 2000 Kate Hill. All rights reserved.

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