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Alex Gatto   is our Staff Photographer at Mind Caviar. He has been writing and reading poetry ever since he can remember. He has a huge collection of pornography which spans several decades of material. He's particularly fond of taking naps and traveling, and enjoys editing poetry for Mind Caviar when Jamie Joy reminds him of impending deadlines. 

Correspond with Alex Gatto.

by Alex Gatto

hands sliding over my body 

the dyed black ostrich feathers 
floating and sticking to my lips 

dance everybody this is a good song 

love in innocent fascination 
transfixed by the mosaic 
black lace over creme white skin 

fishnet stockings torn by vicious 
red stiletto heels 

fleeting tranquility bursting 
with the transience of a bubble 

crystal glass of champagne 

Copyright © 2000 Alex Gatto. All rights reserved.

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