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Inga Mahn has been avidly reading erotica and risque romance for longer than she cares to admit. She has been writing almost as long. Her short erotica has appeared in many online journals, including previous issues of Mind Caviar, as well as in print. She has published short stories in several other genres and is currently working on her third novel.

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Flawlessly Trained

"Now, it's time to secure the bindings." The mistress purred to her young, blond slave. "I prefer silk, it's strong yet so soft and lovely against the skin." She savored the feel of the silk against her hands.

A spark of fear and plenty of excitement was clearly evident in the young woman's eyes a she began to submit to her mistress's commands.

"Next, we shall experiment with the whip, five lashes should do well." Excitement laced her voice as she watched the fear play across the face of her slave.

As the first crack of the whip vibrated through the room, an animalistic groan escaped the mistress's lips.

"You handled that well." The mistress caught her breath as she spoke. "Now, lets try that again only a little harder this time."

One, two, three... four, more cracks of the whip reverberated.

"Now you shall untie me." The mistress commanded, a satisfied smile on her face. "How well you are trained, my slave. Even while your mistress was bound you obeyed flawlessly. Now I must find some way to reward you properly."

A satisfied grin covered the mistress's face as she traced her fingers over the hot lines the whip had created upon her own tender skin.

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