Mind Caviar Fiction

"Words set things in motion. I've seen them doing it.
Words set up atmospheres, electrical fields, charges."

~ Toni Cade Bambara (1980)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 3 Spring Issue, 2002

Short Stories

Kim by Christopher Buecheler
Can lust itself be an addiction?

The Right Language by Jody Greek
Sometimes the flesh is all we truly have in common

Sweetest Knowledge: An Adulteress' Apologia  by Joy James
How knowledge can be both terrible and sweet

The Life & Death of Edward Grable by Adhara Law
Meet one of the greatest lovers who ever lived

July Afternoon by E. J. Noel
A woman explores a new sexual role

The Right Hand of Maud by PleaseCain
Sex is not just for the "perfect"; we are all sexual beings

Jump Start by J. D. Roman
A mysterious stranger rekindles a rock star's appetite

The Sweetest Gift by Rosebud
A decadent dessert awaits you

Fire Island 1974 by James Williams
A Mind Caviar favorite author returns with a brilliant look at a time before HIV

Short Shorts (1000 words or less)

Love Letter by Ann Baillie
Dive into a bilingual, sensual connection

Weekend Work by Inga Mahn
Delight in summer yard work

Slake by J. D. Roman
Heat creates a powerful thirst

The Bed by Dave Ruslander
Food + Sex = Mind Caviar's favorite combo!

Graphic Art by Mia Jennings. Copyright 2002 Mia Jennings. All Rights Reserved.

"Mesmerize" Copyright © 2002 Mia Jennings. All rights reserved. 
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