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"Never strive, O artist, to create what you are not irresistibly impelled to create!"

~ Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach (1893)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 3 Spring Issue, 2002

Tallulah: An Artist Connecting The Erotic Past to the Sensual Present

Tallulah is a forty-something American woman who paints nude women. She is self-taught, having spent over twenty years studying the techniques of the old masters. Using herself as the model, she developed the skills seen in her work.

She spent seventeen years painting life portrait commissions, mastering her skills by painting people from all walks of life, including several United States senators, United States military officials, judges, attorneys, company heads, etc. During this period, she painted nudes, on the side, when time permitted.

Much of her current work is taken from old, erotic French postcards from the early twentieth century, in which she paints the subjects in her own style and tone.

The Artist In Her Own Words

Erotic Art
Fine Art Nude by Tallulah
"Never having access to a model, I used myself and a mirror when I needed a pose. The area where I lived at the time of the commissioned portraits was against any nudity WHATSOEVER.  I would do a nude and put it away so that no one ever saw it. For years, I did this. It was all in good practice, at least for myself. I moved away, after having a stroke, at the age of 42. I fully recovered, thankfully, from the stroke, then I made some profound discoveries from this experience: life is too short to waste. So I chose to paint the subject I knew the best, myself and women. 

Since I only had used myself as a model for the nudes (from the past), I found that when I wanted to draw or paint some emotion, I still resorted to using myself as the model.  All the drawings are me... symbolically anyway.  My experience with painting portraits of people gave me with the skills I needed to change features so they don't all
look like me, though people who know me will tell you which ones actually look like me.

  My Web site went up after viewing all the nudes on the Net and thinking, 'That's not me, or how I feel... those are
some guy's fantasy woman. How could a man paint what a woman feels-- impossible!'  I was sure I would get the stereotypical reaction, and for a while I was placed/ranked with the pin-up guys as far as artists go. 

That didn't last long, thankfully. I was wrong about my expected reaction to my art.  Women wrote by the dozens. They actually identified with the feelings I portrayed.  Amazing! I continue to draw and paint, posting a new piece every month. And from there, as they say, every picture tells a story."

Visit Tallulah's Art at her Web site where you can send erotic postcards to your loved ones. There you will find vintage erotica, more of Tallulah's work, and you may read about her influences by the Masters of Fine Art. Unfortunately for collectors, all her art appearing on her Web site is sold, but you may experience and explore her talents there at no cost.


The Art of Tallulah
Art Art
Art Art
Article and All Images Copyright © 2002 Talullah. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post in whole or in part. 

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