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Rosebud  is the name that was given to the author by the person who is the inspiration for all of her erotic works. He is the one who fills her with joy, who makes her whole; who shows her the pleasure to be found in having a reach that just exceeds her grasp. 

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The Sweetest Gift

Arriving home from work after a particularly trying day, I found a note on the kitchen counter. In his firm, strong handwriting, Sean wrote that dinner was warming in the oven and I was to eat and relax, then join him for dessert.

I ate the lasagna he'd thoughtfully prepared for me, then took a long, luxurious shower. Wrapping a towel around me, I walked into our bedroom to find it had been turned into veritable fairyland, aglow with dozens of candles. Sean sat on the huge bed, a tray in front of him. As I moved toward him, I saw what the tray contained and nearly swooned. 

Chocolate, acres and acres of dark, rich, heavenly chocolate in every possible permutation filled the tray. Slices of cake dabbed with whipping cream; crystal stemware filled with mousse, topped with shaved chocolate and perfect raspberries; dozens of luscious truffles; a copper bowl filled with warm, velvety fondue. A large bowl of whipping cream, nested in a bowl filled with ice; several large, juicy strawberries, chunks of fresh pineapple and banana; and two icy bottles of La Grande Dame Veuve Clicquot champagne completed the stunning array.

"Will you join me for a taste?" I let the towel fall from my body and walked to the bed, climbing up next to him. I reached for something and stopped, unsure of which delight to try first.

"May I?" As he posed the question, his fingers dipped a strawberry in the velvet of the fondue and brought it, dripping in chocolate, to my lips. I ate, my enjoyment of that perfect combination of tastes so complete as to be surreal. The fondue dripped from Sean's fingers onto my breast, his hand stopping mine as I reached to wipe it off.

"Leave it, Brianna. It only enhances your beautiful tits." I shivered and did as he asked, awaiting yet another taste sensation.

"What shall it be next, or should I surprise you?"

"Surprise me, I think." He poured us each a glass of champagne and we drank slowly, savoring the bubbles and the richness of the drink.

He set his glass upon the tray and reached for something on the night table. "Indulge me, Brianna. Let yourself go." He passed a cloth of black satin across my nipples, then brought it up to my face.

"I think I'll make it a true surprise for you." He tied the cloth around my eyes, immediately making my other senses more aware.

"Try this." I felt something cool and creamy against my lips and opened to taste. The intense chocolate flavor of mousse filled my mouth as more mousse was painted onto my body.

And so it went, the tasting of each morsel and the subsequent placing of its companion somewhere on my body.

"I'm hungry now too, Brianna, and longing for a taste of the sweetness you've been enjoying."

"Will you allow me to feed you as you've done for me?" I reached to remove the blindfold so I could return the sensual favor to Sean. His hand stopped mine.

"Oh, you'll feed me, Brianna. Lay back and let me feast. I believe I'll begin with a truffle." 

He nudged my thighs apart and I could feel him place the sweet between my swollen pussy lips. "I've always thought chocolate would taste best when dewed by the juices from your cunt." 

His head went between my legs and his lips and tongue slowly removed all traces of the chocolate from me. I squirmed at moved my hips at the incredible sensations, so much so that Sean had a difficult time licking the last from me.

"Now, Brianna, it wouldn't do at all to miss some of my dessert, and you're making it very hard for me by wriggling around. I think I'd best do something about that, don't you?" The bed shifted as he moved from it. He returned in moments to take one of my hands.

"Feel the softness and the inherent strength of the silk, Brianna. It's amazing that a creature so small can spin a fiber so strong, isn't it?" He tied my hand lightly to the bed post, moving around to secure the other. "That takes care of the problem of your hands getting in my way, now it's time for those beautiful feet of yours."

Moving to the end of the bed he picked up a foot and began licking each toe, his tongue warm and wet and the feeling sending shivers of lust down my spine. More silk was wrapped around my ankle and secured to the bed. My other leg was given the same loving treatment.

When he finished with the ties, I lay there spread to him, still blindfolded. Every nerve and muscle in my body was aquiver in anticipation. He began at my hands, drawing each finger into his mouth and sucking. His lips moved down my arm, licking and nipping as he went.

He moved down my body, lightly caressing the side of a breast with his beard, avoiding for now the nipples that were hard, pebbly and eager for his touch. His tongue used my belly button as a bowl for his mousse, licking it clean. No centimeter of skin was left untouched by his mouth, every nerve ending fully aroused.

I was writhing and straining against the bindings by the time he got to the chocolate that covered my breasts. His mouth dove in, and as soon as he started tugging on my nipples I screamed and came in a rush of pleasure. He didn't relent, yet continued his feast, sucking hard and pulling with his teeth. I came again and again as his mouth and tongue continued their magic and at last his fingers joined in.

He separated the lips of my pussy and I could feel something cold and firm being pushed inside. My well-sucked nipples were saddened for a moment when he left them, only to find the pleasure increased as he ate what I felt to be strawberries from my pussy, his tongue making sure there was no trace of the fruit left behind.

"I'm thirsty, Brianna, and I think I know just what will quench me." A shock of cold, fizzy champagne drizzled on me, making me shudder as rivulets rolled down my breasts and belly, the bubbles delightfully ticklish on my clit. He licked and sucked until the champagne disappeared as the chocolate had, bringing me to orgasm after orgasm and leaving me limp with satisfaction.

The sheer number and intensity of my orgasms exhausted me, and I fell asleep for a while. 

I awoke, still blindfolded and bound, as Sean spread something cool and smooth over and between my breasts.

"I'm going to untie your hands now, Brianna, but I want you to touch only what I tell you. Will you promise me that?" 

"Oh, yes, Sean, I'll promise you whatever you want!" 

He freed my hands and I immediately tried to touch him. "No, Brianna." he said firmly. "You must touch only what I tell you! Squeeze your tits together tightly for me."

I did so eagerly, and my reward was to feel him kneel over me and place his hard cock between my breasts. He fucked my tits mightily, thrusting hard enough to have the head of his cock, dripping with precome, rub my throat. The whipping cream he'd coated me with provided the perfect lubrication and as his breathing grew ragged I knew I was going to be coated in a cream far more delicious.

Sean removed the blindfold to allow me the pleasure of watching his semen jet forth, covering my chest, my chin and my face. He held his now satisfied cock and rubbed it in his come, then brought it to my lips to taste from him. As perfect as the dinner, the chocolate and the wine had been, they paled in comparison to the taste of Sean.

He untied my feet and we dozed, waking again that night to continue enjoying every part of each other. 

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