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Inga Mahn  has been avidly reading erotica and risque romance for longer than she cares to admit. She has been writing the same almost as long. Her short erotica has appeared in many online journals, as well as in print including Amoret, The Emerald Collection and Brilliant Smut. She has published short stories in several other genres as well, and is currently working on her third novel.

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Weekend Work

He is dressed in well-worn blue jeans and a simple, white cotton T-shirt, wet with the sweat of hard physical work. His muscular chest and dark wisps of hair are clearly visible through the thin cotton. He smells sweet; a combination of his cologne, and fresh cut grass.

He comes inside thirsty, hot, and hungry.

I come to him with food and drink. Cold, icy lemonade, sweet with a tangy bite. Juicy, ripe fruit and melons, dripping with sugary nectar.

He sits back and smiles as I trace the wet glass over my bare breasts. I serve his lemonade. Next I begin to serve the food. A sweet bite of cantaloupe passed from my teeth to his; a strawberry eaten from between my breasts, the juice skillfully licked away. And then we put aside the food, and the real meal begins.

It is his turn to serve me. He quickly removes his clothing revealing his well-sculpted body, obtained by many hours of hard, physical work. He lays me down and samples my body as if he were indulging in a gourmet buffet.

Finally he enters me, slowly at first, until I am begging to feel more of him. He eagerly grants my pleas. In moments we are both overcome by a powerful wave of pleasure.

For me there is nothing sexier than a man hard at work, and yard work makes him hungry. Is it any wonder we have the nicest yard in the neighborhood?

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