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Dave Ruslander  lives with his wife, horses, dog, cat, and cockatiels on a horse farm in Virgina.  He writes poetry and micro-fiction which have been published in various print and online media including, Mind Caviar, Mi Poesias, Melic Review, Green Tricycle, HorseThiefs Journal, Niederngasse, Free Verse Poetry Journal and many others. 

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The Bed

White walls frame a four-poster bed draped in linen. The whites fight with each other like playful lovers. The marble fireplace is framed with the same dark mahogany surrounding the bed. On the heart-pine floor, between the bed and fire, is a thick oriental rug on which is perched a silver tea service and breakfast for two: English muffins, wild Muscadine jam, green tea, melon balls.

As I walk into the bedroom from the steaming shower, I see copper reflections from the fireplace licking your face. You look up with your opal eyes, green bolts shoot at me. Almost floating, I move over the wooden floor, warmed by the fire and stand over you. 

With graceful casualness, you pull the burgundy towel from my waist and run your hands over my thighs and nod over at the bedposts. I see white stockings tied there. You begin to stroke my semi-hardened cock, kiss its head then lean back against the footboard with your arms outstretched.

Sweat beads on my back from the dancing fires as I tie your wrists to the bedposts, uncurl your legs from their lotus position and put them into a chevron. I dip two fingers into the Muscadine jam and suck on them.

Your eyes glow and follow my fingers back to the jelly where I take more and butter your pussy with purple sticky jam. Your back arches and you lift yourself up like a Sumo wrestler. I kneel on hands and knees, becoming a black bear nosing a beehive, my tongue darting and licking as your legs spread wider.

I crawl closer growling as I nibble your belly then your breasts. I bite your nipples as if they are fresh blackberries to be picked; then pluck at your lips. 

Suddenly, my bear-like paws lift your ass and you elongate like a cross. I press my throbbing cock into your honey pot as I stand erect and you resist gravity. Your arms are still tied to the bedposts while my hands hold your ass.

Your legs wrap around my waist and we fuck until you scream.

Copyright © 2001-2002 Dave Ruslander. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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