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"The words! I collected them in all shapes and sizes,
and hung them like bangles in my mind."

--Hortense Calisher (1964)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 2 Spring Issue, 2001

Smart Reviews of Today's Hottest Books
by Our Mind Caviar Staff

Cassandra Snow, our beloved Literate Slut, is on hiatus. This month's special column will be comprised of staff favorites of classic erotica, a brand new dirty book by a Mind Caviar contributor, and delightful art erotica. Would you like to see a book reviewed? E-mail us.

Book Dirty Words
By M. Christian
Published in 2001 
by Alyson Press
ISBN: 1555835635

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Reviewed by Jamie Joy Gatto

I took me almost three weeks to think up the right words to even begin writing a review about M. Christian's newest collection, Dirty Words. I wasn't so sure I'd be able to come up with a review that wasn't either maudlin: gushing my most saccharine praise, or cliche': repeating what others may have already said about any one of their most favorite books they've ever read by one of their favorite authors. What I've decided to say is the truth, that M. Christian is decidedly my favorite author of erotica, living or dead, and that his work often moves me to read it again and again. It's just that good.

I'd read quite a few of the works included in the all-gay-male erotic collection since it's nearly impossible to open a collection of any sort of erotica without finding M. Christian's work included in the table of contents. Naturally, I always read his work first in an anthology, and often it's the best work of any given bunch of erotica thrown into any given collection, whether it be SM, lesbian, gay, straight, raunchy, sci-fi, fantasy, you name it. What sets his work apart from the rest is an amalgam of components that resonate in all good literature: strong characterization and voice, a plot that really moves, and a style that seems as effortless as the wind on a spring day, not to mention the sex being written hotter than hot. Colorful, yes; cliche' never! You won't find a throbbing love gun or a quivering pair of netherlips in the bunch. No, expect surprise, expect gritty and real, expect to come in your chair from reading his words.

Now, I must also admit that boy-boy sex is my most favorite kink of all, so a collection of work written by my favorite author, in my favorite genre, with my dirtiest, panty-wetting, creamy fetish has got to be right on up there in my list of good reading. How could it possibly go wrong? Quite frankly it doesn't. Truth is, it goes well beyond. Wrapped up in all the dirty words M. Christian has decided to play with, he's added a great gob of beauty peppered with a heavy hand of subversive, even ugly, thoughts, ideas and images that will make you think, make you cringe, make you wonder if you really want to be in this place at all. But, of course you do... as soon as the ride's begun, it's over. Like a roller coaster ride that causes the most gut wrenching nausea, it also creates the most euphoric rush of endorphins. Hang on and ride Dirty Words over and over again. I assure you a good time, a sexual rush, and a new twist after every corner. 

Even if gay male sex is not your favorite kink, surprise yourself by reading some excellent literature, and in the meantime, you might just find yourself hard, hot, wet and ready. Believe it or not, here you come.

book book book Erotica: An Illustrated Anthology of
Sexual Art and Literature
by Charlotte Hill And William Wallace
ISBN: 0881848743 
Published in 1992, 1993, 1996
by Carroll & Graf

Buy the Book or read more reviews at Amazon.com

Reviewed by Mia Jennings

Erotica is a collection of  illustrated anthologies filled with glossy pages of sexual art, poetry, as well as delicious literature, and has been like a bible for me as an erotic writer, poetess, as well as an artist. Its scintillating content includes mesmerizing authors such as D.H. Lawrence, Henry Miller, Frank Harris, and Anais Nin. Printed upon these decadent pages I've discovered golden treasures which have surpass the dimensions of time and space and continue to highly stimulate the human mind and senses. Since the beginning of time many creative minds have expressed the beauty of eroticism. Whether this expression is through paintings, sculpture, poetry, or arousing tales, erotica is the theme which has remained constant in art as the years evolve. 

I believe the authors of this book series have taken the best of erotica from the sands of time and organized it into a beautiful collection. If you are a reader who enjoys the classics, and tends to crave the softer side of eroticism, this book collection, Erotica: An Illustrated Anthology of Sexual Art and Literature, is definitely a must for your personal library.

Literate Slut News 

Isabelle Carruthers, our fiction editor, will publish her story "In the Pink" in the erotic anthology, The Mammoth Book of Erotica, 2001 edited by Maxim Jakubowski (Mammoth Books). Also, her short story, "Learning to Play Chess" will be included in Marcy Sheiner's Best Women's Erotica 2001

Mind Caviar's own, Jamie Joy Gatto, has been a busy little writing slut herself. She will have her work included in no less than eight anthologies coming out this year, (not all erotic) including Love Shook My Heart II (Alyson Press), Best Bisexual Erotica 2, (Black Books/Circlet), Best SM Erotica, (Black Books), Guilty Pleasures (Black Books) all due out in 2001. Her first book, a collection of erotic tragedies will be out in 2002 by Circlet Press, Sex Noir: Stories of Sex, Death and Loss.

Jamie Joy's poetry, as well as her husband's, Alex Gatto (former Mind Caviar poetry editor) will be appearing in The Silence Within, a collection by the International Library of Poetry to be released summer 2001. In addition to being published in the book, her poem, "There's No Place Like Home" and his, "Decadence" will be one of only 33 select poems in the collection to be recorded in audio format. 

Jamie Joy is currently working on a collection, Suddenly Sexy, having stories from all from different points of view and of various sexual orientations, but all under 1000 words and all hotter than Georgia asphalt.

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