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Lady M is Mind Caviar's exclusive real life sexual submissive, performer, columnist and pin-up. The chronicles of her sexual adventures, as well as her performances at Ground Zero, a fetish club in Minnesota, will be posted here for your titillation and voyeuristic amusement on a quarterly basis. She continues her amazing tell-all diaries which transport us to her world as a sexual submissive and performance artist.

Lady M

Visit Lady M's portfolio on-line. All Photos Modeled and Styled by Mia Jennings. Photos taken by Charles Jennings. 

Lady M Three Diary Entries Guaranteed to Rock Your Kinky Fantasy World... 
Once again, I wish I could somehow transport my readers into my mind, so you all could envision and feel what I've experienced on the nights I've danced and performed at Ground Zero, as well as the rush of adrenaline I feel afterwards. The past three months have been extremely wild, and my nights at Ground Zero continue to culminate into a more wicked adventure each time I'm there. It's hard to believe my husband and I have been religiously going to Ground Zero for almost a year. So far, we've never missed a Thursday night. In this issue's column I've included diary entries from three of the hottest nights within the past quarter, including one about Ground Zero's annual Rubber Ball, an extremely hot fetish event.

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Lady M Why Does Lady M do it? Read on...
February 15, 2001

Dear Diary,

Many of my friends and acquaintances at Ground Zero have asked me, "Why do I dance and perform for free?" I have many reasons, however, my main answer would be, "Because I love to experience life, and to feel alive as well as awake." I'm very passionate about music as well as dancing, and I enjoy making love to the dark, erotic notes. I fall deeply in love with the way I can manipulate my body so that it becomes art, as well as the way I can arouse my audience. That's not the only reason I love to perform. It's also an act of liberation for myself. I used to live in such an ice cold prison when it came to my sexuality. When I'm on stage making the audience feel hot and full of lust, I get lost in the scene, and I feel empowered as a woman. I also love the ritual of getting dressed up in extremely sexy clothing. Tonight I dressed up as Fifi the French maid.

Tonight Daddy, Jenny, and the beautiful Mistress Jean (www.MistressJean.com), performed a delicious skit. As an old projector screen scrolled towards the ceiling, a romantic Victorian scene was revealed. On the center of the stage there was a long, elegant table draped in white linen. It held a fancy candelabra, fresh fruit, and some cans of whipped cream, foreshadowing the events to take place. The back drop was painted as if the dining room looked out over a large garden window, and onto a terrace with an idyllic landscape.

The actors sat at the refined, elaborate table, as if they were inside a kinky Rockwell portrait. Daddy played the role as a drunken rich man, dressed in a decadent black top hat, and matching tails drinking wine. Mistress Jean, playing his wife, looked divine wearing a short, pink, pageboy wig, and Jenny looked beautiful dressed in a Victorian-style gown. 

The two women seductively fed each other delicious, ripe fruit, such as grapes and bananas. Suddenly Mistress Jean pulled Jenny's dress down to her waist, exposing a sexy bra, and then forced her down on the table, laying Jenny down upon her back. I swooned with fascination and squealed with delight when Mistress Jean dripped and covered Jenny's beautiful body with streams of rich, chocolate syrup and dollops of fluffy whipped cream.

As I panted with lust from the erotic scene, my role as Fifi the French Maid kicked in, and immediately I craved to jump up on the stage in order to clean up the mess with my tongue. However, I wasn't brave enough to act on instinct, and instead, fantasized about the sweet flavor as I stared with carnal envy. After the skit I told Daddy how much I enjoyed the skit, and all of Fifi's hungry desires. I can only hope that someday my wish to be a part of a Ground Zero skit will become a reality.

Lady M A Dream World Where Submissive Sluts Die and Go to Heaven... and Sometimes to Hell!
Friday, March 09, 2001

Dear Diary,

I swear I live in a dream world because my nights at Ground Zero continue to get better each time. Last night was so fucking wild, I can hardly keep my thoughts about it from interrupting my daily concentration.Last night the moon illuminated full and bright over the Twin Cities, which was thawing from our cold, cruel winter, and the early scent of spring made me feel like a bunny who wanted nothing better than to fuck.

At Ground Zero I'd been dancing on the runway, lost deep within the dark, succulent notes, where time and space had become irrelevant. Soon my eyes caught a glance of my beautiful Asian girlfriend, Joy, who happened to be Daddy's current victim confined to his perverse dentist's chair. 

"Oh my, she looks sweet," I rapaciously purred. I was feeling so naughty, I craved to play. 

Seductively I prowled towards Daddy and his prisoner. Soon, shivers moved through me as I watched him torment her with his large, hand held massager, which he had tightly pressed up against her squirming snatch.

"Mmmmmm can I play?" I miaowed like a hungry vixen near his ear. Daddy gestured for me to go on the other side of the chair. He gave the approving nod for me to have my way with his vulnerable victim. Carnality pumped viciously through my veins when I first put my hands upon Joy's soft, silky skin and lightly caressed her nakedness on the upper part of her chest, right above her beautiful, heaving breasts. I smiled wickedly wondering just how long it would take before she figured out the hands that were seducing her with soft caresses, were mine and not Daddy's.

I delicately scraped my nails down the insides of her upper arms, and next firmly pressed my lips against hers, to let her know it was me. In a state of rapture, she welcomed my presence with her sensual tongue, which she erotically plunged deep into my mouth. Before I knew it, I had Daddy's large, powerful, hand held massager in my own hands and was pressing it firmly against Joy's sweet pussy lips.

"She looks good enough to eat!" Sinfully I purred to myself.

I eyed the large pitcher of ice placed near the back of the dentist's chair. Impulsively, my free hand reached for the cold, frozen liquid, retrieved a fairly large piece of ice, and seductively slid it into my thirsty mouth. As it slowly melted on my velvet, pink tongue, I drifted into another realm where the large audience, which now gawked below the stage, no longer existed. Instinctively, I succumbed to my primal desires.

I slithered my icy, cold tongue up my prey and spread Joy's legs farther apart. Her essence was hot, and I could smell her lusty pheromones. I flicked my tongue in between her quivering thighs. I bet my audience must've thought that I was torturing Joy's pussy with a multitude of severe tongue lashings, which only made me smile even more wickedly. I like to think about what their faces must've looked like as they watched us play.

"Daddy, may I have a crop to play with?" I asked. Daddy was in a small room behind the red curtain full of kinky toys.

Almost immediately a crop was placed in my hands and I returned to the chair to punish Joy with it. Slowly and seductively I taunted her skin with the tip, letting her know that I had a new toy, and was determined to use it. Once again the powerful emotion of thrill mixed with my ecstasy and moved through my body like mad currents of buzzing electricity when I inflicted the first sweet smack upon Joy's sensitive skin between her thighs. Intuitively I observed her face to see if she was experiencing the pleasure within the pain. By her increased breath rate, as well as the sounds of her heavy pants, moans, and cries of ecstasy, I knew that she was enjoying my firm Domination over her body and soul.

More diabolic surges of energy pulsated through me, caused from my rush of power, as I continued to punish poor Joy with the long, thin crop. Firmly I raised her left leg high from the chair, until it was extended almost straight up, and exposed her ivory cheeks to the audience below the stage. With an evil, spontaneous grin plastered on my face, I delicately stroked her sumptuous cheeks with the end of the crop, and rapidly inflicted pain by striking her with it several times. Even beyond the loud music I could hear her pants, moans, and cries from her pain-pleasure in between each tormented strike.

When I thought I'd punished her left cheek long enough, I ceased, and soon did the same to her right. I grew higher from the rush of power I felt, knowing I was turning Joy on. In between strikes I pressed my hand up against her pussy very hard, and could feel the hot, warm gushes of cum seep through her panties. My tongue immediately started to salivate, for I wished to lap her up like a starved kitten would fresh milk. Because we were in a public space, the police and local laws wouldn't allow me to act on sexual instinct and impulse. So, like a good girl, I contained my lecherous appetite.

When I finished punishing Joy with the crop I asked, "Are you okay?" As I waited for an answer, I slipped a piece of ice into my mouth, and placed it into Joy's with my tongue. When the ice had melted she responded, "Oh yeah…Mmmmmm…I'm fine…Was that Daddy who was spanking me?" She inquired with curiosity.

"No," I responded with an immoral grin, "it was me."

"Oh my," Joy responded, "I could do this all night. This feels sooooo good."

Mistress Jean and Elijah (a very buff, hot, black, Dominant male) were soon near my side, and Daddy's newest submissive prisoner, Ivy, was restrained to one of his kinky contraptions, a few feet away, near the edge of the stage. Because Jean was the Mistress of the club, I didn't really know my place, and I felt a bit nervous. Graciously I stepped aside and permitted Mistress Jean to take over the scene. Elijah had decided to toy with Daddy's victim while Daddy was off somewhere else within the club watching a wild, blonde chick, who was dressed in a frilly, pink, tutu-type of outfit, dance in the birdcage at the end of the runway.

I watched with an insatiable craving as Mistress Jean teased Joy for a bit with her hands before she pulled Joy's blindfold up part way to unveil to her that she was present, and ready to devour. Mmmmmm I wondered what was spinning through Joy's head at the time. With great envy I soon observed Mistress Jean plunge her luscious tongue into Joy's mouth.

Mistress Jean looked so hot last night dressed in a very feminine, yet sexy corselette. For a long time I studied the long, lean curves in her body as she continued to caress as well as spank Joy. I almost came when I saw her discipline my girlfriend with a long, leather paddle, which had several holes punched into it. Again, I was wishing it was me who was tied in that dentist's chair. However, Joy looked delicious, and I couldn't help but roam my hands all over her body as Mistress Jean continued to taunt her helpless victim. 

In between Mistress Jean's session with Joy, I told Jean how much I liked her outfit and then asked her where she bought her corselette. She told me that she'd made it, which only made me lust after her more, attracted sincerely to her talent and creativity.

I seductively sauntered up to Ivy, my newest prey. Ivy was alone chained to Daddy's kinky contraption: an iron frame that resembled a house, having two metal discs attached to the bottom for a submissive to stand on.

She looked sweet dressed in a black 1920's dress complete with long, sleek, fringes, which dangled elegantly from it. What tempted me the most about this little vixen was her small, tight, round ass. Being the artist I am, I wanted to savor the vision of Ivy's ass for as long as I could. Soon I was spanking and teasing Ivy's rump with my open hand, wearing a Cheshire cat's grin on my face. After setting Ivy's ass on fire, I was soon playing with Joy again. 

"Joy," I spoke near her ear, "Would you mind if I had Elijah tie me up and spank me?" She'd been in the chair for almost two hours and I wanted to experience the submissive side before the night was over.

"No, not at all." She sweetly replied, before I quickly grabbed Elijah's arm and asked if he would Dominate me. In an excited scurry I assisted Elijah in removing the restraints from Joy. I soon sat in the chair and permitted Elijah to cuff my wrists and chain my arms above me to a wooden yoke, which hung from the ceiling with thick chains, dangling a few inches behind the chair. Now it was I who was vulnerable to a man whose Dominance was much more severe than even Daddy's. 

"You've never had me before, have you?" Elijah uttered with confidence and a nefarious grin on his face. He then sternly restricted my sight with a blindfold. I couldn't respond, only shuddered nervously within, and my aching pussy gushed with a deluge of warm, thick cum when I felt him forcefully spread my legs far apart in the chair (I still get wet when I think of that moment). Both pain and pleasure impacted my senses when I felt Elijah place a large piece of ice beneath my panties. Seconds thereafter he pressed the powerful, hand held massager up against my swollen, aching cunt, until every muscle in my body tensed from the bitter, cold agony, as well as the vibrating ecstasy. Next, I was being punished with some kind of leather paddle, hard against the inside of my thighs. my body jolted with every electrified strike. I succumbed to the pain, and felt an intense, endorphin rush which highly stimulated my senses, and made me pant as if I was an out of control bitch in heat.

I felt another set of hands roam upon the naked skin on my body: delicate, sensual, feminine and soft. I don't know whose hands they were, but I enjoyed the soothing sensation she instilled. 

Disappointment fled through my being when I heard Daddy give the routine, "Good night," speech, signaling the end of the night. Next, I heard Elijah chuckle in a wicked way, "Saved just in the nick of time!" His profound statement made me shiver with what could've happened if we would've continued on, as well as made me desperately crave for more. 

Without warning I heard what sounded like Ivy's voice say to me, "Do you need a little cooling off?" And then I felt an alarming pitcher of freezing, ice water being poured onto my panties.

"You little bitch!" I screamed as the last of it dripped coldly onto my hot cunt. "Remember, payback can be Hell!"

"Good, " Ivy playfully retorted. "It'll be our ongoing contest to see who can torment who more." Her comment thrilled me and I could hardly wait until the next week when Ivy might possibly be tied up, so I could meet her challenge.

I didn't want to leave the club last night, however it was late. I shivered all the way to the car, so wet and cold. I continued to fantasize about what my session would've been like with Elijah if the end of the night hadn't stopped our fun, and I dreamt about just how I'd like to get Ivy back. It's now time for me to go to sleep, and I plan on making myself cum with my stroking fingers, as I fantasize more about my session with Elijah.

Lady M The Fetish Event of the Year:
Ground Zero's Rubber Ball
Ground Zero's Rubber Ball
April 12, 2001

Dear Diary,

I can hardly move my legs today from all of the dancing I did last night, not to mention not being able to remove the huge grin from my face. It's now 4:00 AM and I just got home. Ground Zero's Rubber Ball was the absolute best. OH MY GOD! What a night! For days I tried to think of what I'd wear in between the numerous jobs I had to finish for Jamie Joy and Oceania. [Ed. Note: We are such slave-driving evil stepmothering bitches! Mooo-ahhh-Ha-hah-ha...] I struggled to focus my attention on the writing and recording jobs and not the Ball, and felt much like a kinky Cinderella, wishing her work tasks were finally finished. Eventually, I decided to wear a sexy little pair of black satin thongs, two, small circular patches of latex rubber over my nipples, and a long, black lace jacket, which barely hid my naked flesh beneath it.

As usual, my husband Chuck and I happened to be one of the firsts to arrive, so we had our usual drink next door at, The Front. Twenty minutes after we arrived my girlfriend Joy entered the bar, and just the sight of her made me gasp when she sauntered in like a hungry vixen walking our way. She looked incredible wearing a tiny black vinyl dress, which hugged every delicious curve on her exotic body.

My heart raced with excitement when the doors to Ground Zero finally opened. I sprinted next door and smiled with amusement when I saw Hans the bouncer at the door, wearing his traditional black rubber, three-headed dildo strap-on. This time it wasn't secured to his head, as it was at the Halloween Ball, it was firmly between his legs, where it's suppose to be. As we entered Ground Zero, I wondered to myself, with an evil, naughty look in my eyes, which cock between his legs would've fucked me the best, the whole time trying to restrain my hand from reaching out and grabbing one of his long, black, rubber shafts.

We approached our usual table, near to the stage and my favorite kinky dentist's chair. I squealed with delight when I saw the large, bird cage, in which I normally dance, had been moved to the corner of the stage, right near our table! As usual I took a few moments to digest the atmosphere of the club, and drink in every bit of its sensuality. I wanted to feed off of the eroticism, so that I'd be totally in the mood to make love to the music. 

Everyone looked so hot wearing their rubber, fetish, or leather attire. It was definitely a fashion event for the kinky. When the dark, erogenous notes crept deep within my soul and pounded passionately within my veins, I became chained to my incessant muse once again. Soon I was completely mesmerized, dancing inside the large, iron cage, as if I'd drifted into some other world.

My body hypnotically moved to the music; I locked eyes with Mary, a beautiful, blonde performer, who was dancing like a wild creature inside another cage stationed across the dance floor. Her stare was as insatiable as mine. I could feel the sexual heat ricochet between us as we just teased each other from afar with our flicking tongues and gyrating hips.

Sometime after 10: 00 PM I gazed down from the cage like a starved she-wolf to see Joy staring at me with the same unquenchable look. Immediately, I could feel sparks of electricity ignite between us as our eyes locked, and I became entranced with the way the black lights had illuminated her deep, dark brown eyes. I practically melted when Joy's sexy tongue licked her top lip with seduction, as if to say to me, "I want to devour you." I gestured to her with a wiggle of my index finger, "Come here and get me." Moments later she was inside the cage pressing her large, succulent breasts tightly up against my tiny, firm ones.

For quite some time, Joy and I stalked, teased, touched, and kissed one another inside the cage. She smelled so sweet, and felt so soft, that I wanted to strip her bare and pounce her sweet body, despite the large crowd. The only thought that raced through my mind, was the two of us playing in private, tasting and pleasing one another, until we both screamed for mercy. 

After an hour or so, I needed to take a break and abandoned Joy to dance by herself. When I returned Daddy was dressed as a kinky creature with horns, dancing with Joy behind the iron bars. His face was painted white, he had two horns attached to his head, and was wearing a long, slick, vinyl coat, with matching pants, and elevator shoes. He appeared as if he was some kind of sexual creature who'd jumped from the pages of an erotic tale, and had intrigued me so much that I joined them both inside the cage.

Once in the cage, Joy and I began dancing around Daddy's long legs. We slithered and wove between them, stopping to kiss one another with our tongues from time to time between the arch in his legs. 

Suddenly, chills of apprehension and arousal shuddered through me when I saw Elijah, Ground Zero's dark, delicious Dom, approach the stage. Every ripple on his chest seduced me until my hungry fingers slid out of the cage and scratched down his washboard chest. I touched the smoothness of his deep, chocolate brown skin. As I continued to feed my desires, I felt my sexual appetite increase, and I craved to lick him with my tongue to see if he tasted as sweet as he appeared. Mmmmm he did.

Shortly after I licked Elijah, I discovered myself bound by cuffs and chains to the dentist's chair, and every cell in my body was hungry for my session with Elijah to begin. Elijah was much more assertive than Daddy and his force was turning me on as he spanked me hard with his whips, teased me with his roving fingers, taunted me with cold pieces of ice, toyed with my neck with a piece of rope, and tortured my nipples with large, plastic clothes pins. Every sensation of pain and pleasure drove me to the limits of my sanity, until Elijah suddenly stopped! He then removed my blindfold but left me tied to the chair, and went to tease Joy and Ivy, who were playing like two horny vixens inside the cage.

I watched the three of them play with lust and envy, and even reached out to try and touch Joy with my left foot, until I felt the long, leather straps from Daddy's large, cat o' nine tails whip me between the legs and snap upon my overstimulated, wet pussy. This caused an orgasmic wave to wash through me like the ocean's voracious tide, and increased my need for sexual satisfaction. My hips gyrated in the dentist chair, desperately craving for the large, handheld massager to be placed between my legs. Eventually after many, long, minutes, I received what I wanted, until my legs shook the chain-link fence, which separated the crowd from the stage.

During my session a sexy female, wearing a leather outfit, and black fishnet stockings, walked past the stage and wiggled her tongue at me. Not long after that, she was near my side on stage asking Elijah if she could assist him. As she rubbed her large, squeezable tits on mine, she said near my ear, "It's too bad I don't have my strap on, or I'd fuck you right now." Instantly warm, hot cum drenched my panties, and visions of her fucking me with a large, strap on dildo entered my mind.

Eventually, I was released from the chair and was able to go back to dancing again in the cage with the other girls. Only there was a little problem. There was no longer any latex covering my very erect nipples, so I covered them with my barely there black lace jacket. 

It was close to midnight when the old movie projector screen scrolled upwards and an erotic scene appeared. The stage was decorated with illuminated beams of light. Some of the pillars were neon pink, and others were electric blue. Mistress Jean looked absolutely stunning in her glittery, sexy costume, which appeared as if she was some kind of twentieth century Goddess. Elijah looked extremely Dominant and mouth watering as he hunted Ivy who was costumed as a fairy, with a heavy duty, black net. And when Ivy was captured she was hoisted towards the ceiling and next, whipped and spanked by Mistress Jean.

When the skit ended, Joy and I went back to the cage to dance and play. Sometime after 2:00 AM, Joy gave me a kiss goodnight, and said that she was leaving. Twenty minutes later she returned saying that I'd made her so hot, she had to return. When the clock struck 3:00 AM Ground Zero's annual Rubber Ball was over, and we were being kicked out. On our way out the front doors, Hans' three-headed strap-on had caught Joy's attention. As we passed, she couldn't help but say, "Eenie... meanie... miney...moe!" as she pointed at each dildo. Immediately a crowd of us busted out laughing as the early morning air cooled the heat from our bodies. Sweat was pouring off of me, because I had danced for almost six hours and my body was starting to feel its tiring effects.

It's now time for me to get some sleep, the sun is rising and I can hardly keep my eyes open. Yet, the smile on my face won't go away. Thanks Ground Zero for an amazing time!

Until next time... I am Submissively Yours, Lady M

"The Diaries of Lady M" Copyright © 2001 Lady M. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

Lady M The Diaries of Lady M are to be continued

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