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"Red has been praised for its nobility of the color of life. But the true color of life is not red.
Red is the color of violence, or of life broken open, edited, and published."

~ Alice Meynell  (1896)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 2 Spring Issue, 2001

Art A. Kattaryna Breaux  our featured artist, was born March 30, 1970, and dropped by her mother twice when she was a year old. To avoid further brain damage, she left home by age fourteen and was living on her own. 

Kattaryna forever found herself mesmerized by fellow artists and, from time to time, she ran away with them. She tried desperately to find a job but everyone knew she had been dropped on her head as an infant and was damaged goods. 

Finally, Kattaryna launched SleepyDirt Photography, offering anything but typical style. The business adheres to Katt's time-worn philosophy: "If my parents will like it, I won't shoot it." Even today Kattaryna gets input from her parents and torches anything they like. She is currently living under a rock in Tampa, Florida.

Art Art
Art Art
Art Art
Quotes From The Artist

"My major in college was jewelry and metalsmithing. I tried and tried to sell my jewelry, but no one really bought it. I turned to professional photography after shooting some of my friends wearing my jewelry and people wanted purchase the photographs-- no one cared about the jewelry. That was more than ten years ago, so here I am now."

"My photography has changed/metamorphosed over the years. Today I have come to a point where I just let things flow naturally. I am inspired by women that don't look like everyone else. Cookie-cutter is not what I look for in my models. My tastes run more to the unusual, and I let that feed me in the studio and darkroom."

"I primarily work as a fashion photographer, and that allows me the finances to pursue my fine art work. I prefer doing one-of-a-kind pieces when I have the time to indulge myself. I use many alternative processes, including cross processing and using various fine art Polaroid emulsion techniques. I also enjoy digitally manipulating images for fine art canvas pieces."

Contact The Artist

For questions and comments regarding the featured artwork, or for photography sales, please email Kattaryna at kattaryna1@aol.com. Please visit Kattaryna's website in order to see more of her vivid, sexy and bold artwork.

All Photos Copyrght © 2001 A. Kattaryna Breaux Gallery. All rights reserved.

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