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Tsaadig  lives in Hemet, California. She believes in the power of words, and in her passion to express her sensuality, and that all components of Love are conveyed through her chosen medium. Her work has appeared in Famous Poets Society Anthology 1999, Library of Poets Anthology 2001, at LoveStories.com and in Mind Caviar's Ophelia's Muse. At forty-six she feels she has become younger and abhors the term "older" as the years go by.

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African jungle on a New York street
he followed up the stairs to find me.
hot hues burned flames
in the walls of smelly hallways
and cracked tiled floors
pink, rose, orange
all the colors of passion

enchantment soars on wings
with disregard
each climax
than the last one

Thunder -
vox Mars
the garnet tear
between my legs
under splendors wake

fiery eyes of Faeroe
belly of Vesuvius
glossy metal dross
feel the sizzle as you touch
it draws the first breath
as you disintegrate

Copyright © 2002 Tsaadig. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

As Eros Looked On

A fragmented form crossed the threshold.
I gazed at the chair, the ropes, as fantasy convened all dozing passions contained.

I wondered would Love and all his components attend me?
Fool that I am trying to make sense of this fragile thread between romance and sensibility still painting their cloaks the colors of restrain.

A moment before ambivalence asked too much of me
Now I stand outside of Xanadu, quivering nipples, lips, and clit beg to sing for you...

Who would strike the harp of regression, oppression in silent agression and all that's in between?
Twisted freedom with one breath and two hearts curse me, then sentence me
to desire: to want and to long.

And then she melted under the palest sun of her chastity as Eros looked on.

Copyright © 2002 Tsaadig. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.


The world behind my eyes bursts into colours
blending, fainting into times gone by

It's a spiral; 
I take it down falling deep into playful laughter
porcelain skies
sparkling snowmen
and the feel of crisp linen
cocooning me with the smell of my mother's arms

Contents of the heart:
tears smoothed away by soulful fingers
I will live forever
among these flowered fields
beneath this golden sun

Falling down into the flowers
rolling amidst the rushes
love plays with me through the hours
with her warm and gentle touches


Copyright © 2002 Tsaadig. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

And Make Time Liquid

it quickens
three fingers
fix it..

first the hum's
blood vessels pulse
senses push all doors open
I'm reminded of breasts and thighs
with each moan and sigh
and I wish time were liquid

that hum's resonant universe
take me to Orion,
to Tartarus
but leave me
it was nowhere
yet something
and you left out nothing
when we did this

Heaven, speak to me of things?
of Hell, stake your claim,
my passion comes
with one string
make time liquid.

Copyright © 2002 Tsaadig. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

Cuz If I Don't

The moment of living this life will pass me by
the ache inside me will stay
touching you, smelling you will haunt forever
feeling what I feel right now will stay
in the stead of wanting you inside me
feeling you thrust 
hearing you moan
the feel of your body behind me as you shake, shiver and groan
I want to smell you, taste you, lick you and then some
give meaning to sex
define what happens when two become one.

Only you could complete the touch of fingertip to fingertip
palms touch as a prelude, filling the air with music so heavenly
and that place, Lord knows, I want to be there.

Copyright © 2002 Tsaadig. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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