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Stephan Sencerz  was born in Warsaw, Poland and came to the U.S. to study philosophy and Zen. He received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Rochester and has published in numerous professional journals. His poems have appeared in ByLine, Porcupine, Potpourri, Isis Raising, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Windward Review, and Snow Monkey. Stephan Sencerz teaches philosophy, Western and Eastern, at Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi.

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Eating Ice Cream, While Reading Aristotle, While Listening to Miles

I'm eating ice-cream, cookies'n'cream on a hazy, lazy afternoon
        while studying Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics
        while listening to Kind of Blue and

        glancing across the table I feel
        a slight movement of a chair
        hands resting on mine
        feet inching, crawling

I stop eating ice-cream
        I'm relishing her smile and

feeding her ice-cream from my bowl 
        while she is rolling a cigarette
       I savor the likeness of modal jazz and 
        the paintings of Claude Monet
        while contemplating the essence of beauty 

        she is lighting 
        it, takes a long drag
        then a few, passes it on to me
        and we are swaying to Miles's groove.

Not eating ice-cream, dashing to bed
        taking off my shirt, tossing off my pants, tearing off her skirt
        dropping everything but the bowl of ice-cream and then
        using it, eating ice-cream again

I cover with ice-cream strawberry tipped breasts
        taking a nibble, enjoying the taste
        finding the precious seeds of desire
        exploring, honing, adding more ice-cream to the fire
        I delve in the ocean of sweet sensations
        feeling the tide rise (among other things)
        feeding the passions.

Licking, devouring, sipping ice-cream 
        from your toes, feet, calves, knees, thighs
        from the honey pot, while . . . 
        Miles's over, while . . .taking The Maiden Voyage
        through The Eye Of The Hurricane with Herbie Hancock Quintet 
        while never mind philosophy and 
        the dependence of eudaimonia (happiness) on 
        the intellect, virtues and higher emotions, while . . .
        swaying our hips 
        I scream ice-cream, you scream ice-cream
        we scream ice-cream
        be-bop, oop bop, hard-bop, sh'bam
        the syncopation.

No more ice-cream . . .  almost all is gone
        though we can always find some more
        sensuous pleasures as well as something deep
        which one?  it all depends on perspective
        and mine . . . is now quite vertical
        as I'm laying down melting into you
        on this lazy, hazy Summer evenig
        while listening to Kind of Blue.

Copyright © 2002 Stephan Sercenz. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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