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Sandi Schraut's poetry has been published in Red Owl Magazine, and in a weekly psychiatric newsletter for The Department of Human Resources in Minnesota. She's a registered nurse working with chemically dependent and mentally ill patients in a state treatment center. Writing gives her an outlet to express her inner most thoughts and to relieve job stressors. Sandi is a mother to six kids, all grown, and grandmother of four. She spends her evenings writing or reading which she considers to be the best hobbies of all.

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Mia Jennings offers her illustration, "Mistress Jean" to complement the accompanying poem.

by Sandi Schraut

He demands sex in his own way
Lust and pain, which ever is desired
Commands sexy loving with authority
In ways neither average or usual

He makes his orders clear to her
She feels the command to obey
Required to meet his needs in full.
She does and both are rewarded

He demands quite a lot, his needs are strong
Puts her thru paces with discipline
He orders her total submission
She's leather and lace, irresistible

She feels his great intimidation
As a strength to her womanly softness
He knows the joy of control
Commands her respect everlasting

She feels the heat of desire climbing
Feels the ache of her lust getting stronger
A slap at the right time, right place
Jolts her into orgasmic delight

He feels his ache of sexual power
Watching her perform to his will
A feeling of dominance, a lustful feeling
Demanding a mighty climax

Both have a raging fever
Only lusts crest will abate
Both seek this end in their way
Together in Dominance and submission

copyright mia jennings 2001

"D/s" Copyright © 2001 Sandi Schraut. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.
Illustration "Mistress Jean" Copyright © 2001 Mia Jennings. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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