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Warren A. Norgaard is a a single, twenty-eight year-old Arizona native who has been writing and publishing poetry and short fiction since age sixteen. Warren is a trained massage therapist and energy healer, who believes strongly in daily writing whenever possible, and uses the Internet community to publish online, in addition to print.  His previous publications include Sauce*Box, Oasis, Papier-Machete, Shorelines: Habitat, and Many Waters.

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Sometimes the Plot
by Warren A. Norgaard

Sometimes, the plot

just demands

a couch.

"So, why do you want

to do porn?"

I could just enjoy

standing in front of the couch,

squeezing the lukewarm water

over the front of my shirt,

soaking it and making it


I felt him lifting me

on his cock.

Sometimes, the plot

just demands

a couch.

His camera panned up

from my fist on my cock,

to my tight stomach,

to my heaving chest,

to my pleading eyes

and pouting, saliva-coated lips.

I could see the dark

coins of his nipples

with the tiny peak

at the center.

Sometimes, the plot

just demands

a couch.

I had never felt


so wonderful.

I could feel his tongue

lap at my hole --

It looked

like it was happening

to someone else.

Sometimes, the plot

just demands

a couch.

I was twice as open

to him then,

his finger and my finger


around each other in the


of my body.

He touched his cheek

to my milky flesh

and breathed deeply.

I could just enjoy.

I could just enjoy.

"Sometimes the Plot" Copyright © 2001 Warren A. Norgaard. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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