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Tom Myer  is a freelance writer and photographer living in Austin, Texas. He is the co-founder and editor of the now defunct erotica community Brilliant Smut. Tom also edited and prepared Jamie Joy Gatto's eBook, Suddenly Sexy. Tom's favorite kink is sex and chocolate-- together.

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I pour the chocolate on you
in big giant Willy Wonka circles
and before it warms on your
white flesh I scoop it up

with my tongue, run across
flat belly, thrum over
ribs, stop at each nipple
until they fatten like plums

in my mouth. When I'm done
you fist my cock until 
the veins flare out, and you 
bathe the head with chocolate,

then your rapid mouth, glide,
glide. When your thumb invades
my anus, I shoot hard. Then:
the chocolate and come on your smile.

Copyright © 2002 Tom Myer. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

To Prepare Shrimp

Rip out their spines,
flense their shells off;

heat butter, medium-high.
Mince three cloves from a healthy heart

stir for 3 minutes, bathe in sherry
and snipped parsley limbs.

Eat hot: when cold they lose texture,
like boiled fingers set out to cool.

Copyright © 2002 Tom Myer. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

Port Aransas Beach (Early Morning)

Hunter's Moon bathes the seashore
oaks, in French the bois d'arc,
forest of arches, fingers spread
to catch the moon if it fell

like a seven-year-old who can't swim
forced to the high diving tower
friends urging the plunge
into the deep blue water

that shoves the jellyfish, stranding
them on the sand, lined up big
to small, a whole generation
in four steps, winter

wind coiling the dunes into fine tentacles,
and I embrace your warm body close 
to me, fingers strumming nipples,
cock pressed against the arch of your back.

Copyright © 2002 Tom Myer. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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