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Alison Daniel  is an Australian poet. Her work has been published in many small presses and anthologies in Australia, New Zealand and America. Online, her work may be found in Absinthe Literary Review, Outsider Ink, Stirring, Shampoo, Mentress Moon, Recursive Angels, Clean Sheets and many other good journals.

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Entwined in their circular dance,
Aphrodite's companion flirts in a foreign
five star hotel where bed and breakfast
is the afternoon he is attentive
to the mood of mille-feuille.

She lays herself bare for him to soak
honeyed humidity wetting his finger knuckles,
smearing his wrists, burning his eyes,
her scent reminds him animal juice is a cosmic
force to be shared with the universe.

Their mouths, tongues and lips savor
equivalent truths stretched back like his foreskin,
the red tip of his cock glistens with pre-seminal
fluid between her breasts, his fingers
deep inside and drenched.

Copyright © 2002 Alison Daniel. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

Visceral Vertigo

The newspaper
falls from your lap
when your legs are carelessly
crossed and your feet
rest on the coffee table.

When I see you
I tilt my head and inhale
the memory of honey and sweat
and that sleepy smile
scented by last last night in bed.

I remember pale sunlight
catching us unaware of this need
to touch and I want to touch
you again.

Copyright © 2002 Alison Daniel. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

The Sixth Day

The mystery of Eucharist intensifies when she tastes
the sacrament on her tongue. She says there's shivery
sparks at the center inside her throat. It reminds her semi-
precious stones shine Mary blue notes when they find her
squatting beside the Red Sea. She's arguing with angels
about the aquamarine amulet, the one kept between her breasts.

It warms her heart the same way as packing her bags
after the sixth day of Adam demanding silence when he yells
she's a bitch with owl's feet all because he's mad
at her refusal to lie on her back. It got to the stage
where Lilith uttered god's name and ripped off the magical veil.

She heard timeless sounds beyond the synapses
spinning a fire that licked her spine with original flames.
In the bridal chamber: the gospel illuminates the way
she embraces his tongue when she's bearing down
and he's reaching their existence with Passion
dissolving two into the union of one.

Copyright © 2002 Alison Daniel. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

Sticky Fingers

To be careless taking advantage
of promises never made, this embrace
will be one of many if I tie you,
spread-eagled on the bed while I prepare

Scene 1: Nod your head if you understand
the slipperiness of oil sliding
up and down your back.

Scene 2: My fingers are kneading
your neck. The strength of your spine,
smooth edges like salt
or the wine I taste pressing my lips
to your skin.

Scene 3: You can't see.
The blindfold is the fantasy
unveiling what I'm not going to say
when my tongue is between your legs.

Scene 4: I threaten to slap
your arse till my hand feels hotter
than teasing the tip of your cock.

Scene 5: Thigh high stockings
contrast with flesh when I use
my fingers to open my labia.

Scene 6: I want you to see
my decisiveness is shot.

Copyright © 2002 Alison Daniel. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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