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"Music is not technique and melody, but the meaning of life itself,
infinitely sorrowful and unbearably beautiful."

~ Pearl S. Buck

Mind Caviar Vol. 2, Spring Issue 2001

band Two European Industrial Techno bands
And One, Covenant
Performances at Ground Zero, Minneapolis, MN
by Mia Jennings

I'd finished my day recording at the sound studio and hurried to Ground Zero to watch two major European Industrial Techno bands, And One and the following act, Covenant. For almost a year I've been a Ground

Zero club performer and dancer. Many nights I've become mesmerized by the recorded music composed by both these groups.

And One was originally formed in 1989 by Steve Naghavi and Chris Ruiz who met at Linientreu, a Berlin disco. It was there they realized that they both had a passion for EBM (Electric Body Music), and decided to form their own group with an old drum machine and two basic keyboards. By 1990 they had released their first single, "Metalhammer."

What I found most intriguing from my research of the band, is that a ten year old girl from Serbia, who the band happened to meet at a McDonald's, was included into their "Hall of Souls" track, which is on their Spot album. I also carefully studied the profound lyrics to their songs and discovered that And One's art goes much deeper than their music.

I was one of the lucky fans who happened to be at the edge of the stage as they performed. The performance was creatively accented by a mystical fog, and choreographed with numerous beams of light. Steve, the lead vocalist, sang with great skill, while Chris, the keyboardist, jammed with high voltage energy.

Band When I closed my eyes and intently listened to And One's music, their spine tingling notes absorbed into my soul, until I made love to their songs. I experienced intense vibrations from the stage as they passionately expressed their art, playing on one of the largest stages in Minneapolis. The entire crowd screamed, demanding more when the band finished playing. Soon they returned for an encore performance of one of my favorite songs, "Get You Closer." When the song began to play, my heart pounded with thrill, and my knees became weak. When they finished, I desperately craved more of their music, but I had a huge smile on my face because, Steve, the vocalist, touched my hand as I raised it high as he finally exited the stage.
During the intermission, prior to Covenant's performance, I didn't dare move from my premium spot near the stage. I wanted to see Covenant up close and in action, as well as press my hips into the stage, so I could feel the music's beat and arousing vibrations. Today the rush of exhilaration still pumps through me from the aftereffects of Covenant's performance. Their performance seemed to crawl deep beneath my skin, leaving me near breathless, feeling light-headed.

Covenant is a true Gothic-Industrial Tech band from Sweden. Their original sound has been inspired by many underground influences such as Kraftwerk, Joy Division, Nitzer Ebb, Bauhaus, Plastikman, NON, Front 242, Skinny Puppy, and Sisters. The band is most popular in Scandinavia, Germany and the Benelux. The group originally met when they were in high school in their hometown of Helsinborg, Southern Sweden. In 1992 they contacted Memento Materia and recorded Dreams of a Cryotank which was released in 1994.

I pouted like a spoiled school girl when the performance ended for the evening as I walked back to my table and snuggled up close to my husband. Apparently, he could sense that I was aroused from the concert, so before all the lights came on, he slid his hand beneath my short, black leather skirt, pulled my tiny, black thong aside, and penetrated my wet, silky hole with two of his fingers. My insatiable walls squeezed tightly around them as I secretly had an orgasm, hoping no one was watching. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to meet the lead vocalist for Covenant, Eskil Simonsson, who happened to be standing near the bar. I shook his hand, and told him how much I enjoyed his performance. Mmmm... I was definitely in Heaven.

Thank you, Terry, (an extremely cool bouncer at Ground Zero) for the tickets, Daddy (Mark Wylde) for hosting such a spectacular concert, and And One and Covenant for your ass-kicking, heart stopping, hypnotic sounds. I don't think I'll ever get tired of dancing to your music!

Facts on the band were found from an interview done by Lotta Jansson. And One wishes to thank the manager of Ground Zero, Chuck Batdorf, and Silent Productions who arranged the concert. Visit Silent Productions at Silent.org.

Visit And One's official website for more information on the group.

Photography by Jessica AKA Mamagoth at gothling.com.

Visit Covenant's official website to read more, to purchase their music and for sound clips.

"LadyMia's Music " Copyright © 2001 Mia Jennings. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post. 
Photography Copyright © 2001 Mamagoth. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

LadyMia, our own Mia Jennings, has been a music reviewer for the Twin Cities Blues News for the past two years. She's written reviews for artists such as Sista Monica, Gladys Knight and The Pips, Shannon Curfman, Ross William Perry, Lonnie Knight, Sue Foley, and many others. Mia's on the Scream Team contributing her erotic voice to the Australian DJ Mastertouch. She's also worked with DJ N.R.G. from the U.K. LadyMia mixes sounds and music to erotic poetry and stories for Oceania at radioactivesex.com.

Mia has begun experimenting putting music to her own erotic poetry. Currently she is working with two amazing musicians/sound engineers creating her new CD, Hot Blooded Vixen, anticipating its release 2002. She's very fortunate to work with Bruce who houses the sound studio, plays guitar, and has a very warm, passionate voice, and to work with Brett, a guitarist who creates magic for Paisley Park productions (Prince).

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