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bouquetMind Caviar, Vol. I Spring Issue, 2000 bouquet

     This Issue of Mind Caviar is dedicated to our Mothers who devoted their bodies to us for a good nine months, even if they couldn't always be there for us. And for all the surrogates who play Mom to those who really need it from time to time.

Bouquets to the talented contributors who made our dream of Mind Caviar possible. We couldn't have done it without you. Happy Spring and kisses to all of you.

Mia Jennings, our fabulous new staff artist. Welcome on board, lovely lady.

Ron, our computer guru; once again, we humbly bow to you. 

Bill Brent, for dedicating Black Sheets #16 to Jamie Joy. What a living doll!

To Jane's Web Guide for sending us more traffic than we ever imagined possible.

Bronwen, congrats on being a new Mom-to-be!

To Alberta, who tried (and succeeded) so scientifically to become a brand new Mom-to-be.

Adrienne Benedicks at Erotica Readers Association. Thank you for sending us those fabulous contributors!

Hanne Blank for her challenges and the impetus to properly finish "Cherry Sucker."

To Gigi Raven Wilbur, brave bi-activist and gifted priestess. Thank you for the healing words and rituals. 

Vermont's legislators and all the lobbyists and activists and others who fought so hard and finally came to the decent decision to give us equal rights in choosing a spouse.

The suffragettes and wise women who paved the way-- all the witches burned and heroines who lived and died so we could have the rights we now so often take for granted. 

To Dasha and Whiska for teaching Harley Davidson & Miss Coco Chanel all those secrets and tricks.

To my Muse, Melpomene.

With deepest respect, in memory of Eunice Brown Richard, a beloved mother.

To Baby Eric for searching and finally finding me. 

To E. my Earth Mother, the one with balls who writes on trees and grows her food and flowers and healing herbs.

Bouquets Provided by Pat's Web Graphics


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