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Mind Caviar, Vol. I Spring Issue, 2000

Featured Artist
King VelVeeda, Graphic Artist & Illustrator

The first thing you may notice about KV's work is the flirtatious mood his characters evoke. The women, as beautiful, quirky or as scantily clad as they may be, always seem to know better, always seem to hide a little secret, always seem to be in control, or to have some sort of power over their viewer. Is it because they are self-confident? Is it because they are not afraid to have fun? Is it because they know something you don't? You decide...

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King VelVeeda
King Velveeda

About The Artist

King VelVeeda holds a degree in Illustration from The Art Institute of Boston. His work has appeared in countless publications, including Chicago at Night, The Chicago Tribune, The National Enquirer, Black Sheets, Horny Biker Slut, and other adult comics. He was drawn toward a career in art from an early age and has always felt a compulsion to produce visual stimuli for himself with his hands. He used to sculpt, etch and carve things, build things out of old bones, rusty metal and everything else he could think of. Now he draws, sketches or uses the computer to make images of all kinds, obsessively for hours, almost every day.

Quote From The Artist

"I like to draw the pretty girls most of all, because they are the most interesting thing going." --King VelVeeda

Visit his website, Cheesy Graphics, where you can sign up for his famous "Picture of The Day" delivered hot and fresh, daily to your e-mail box.

Commission The Artist

Most of King VelVeeda's originals are for sale. The originals range in price from $25 for a sketch, to $500 for bigger, more complex pieces, averaging about $200. The King does take requests! He charges $25 an hour "to do just about anything for just about anybody." He has many clients who commission him to do original artwork for them; one of his specialties is creating dress-up Paper Dolls. You can see his latest nasty paper dollies in the new issue of Black Sheets.

Email The King of Cheese with comments or questions.

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