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Cassandra Snow is a professional journalist by day. Cassandra spends her evenings submitting to her most beloved vices. With a passion for all that is sensual, she revels in the dance of seduction and seizes every opportunity to indulge in the decadence of the moment. Cassandra is the author of two stage plays and a collection of original poetry, among appearances in various publications. She is a regular columnist and contributor to Mind Caviar

Diving Deep
by Cassandra Snow 

I lay awake, sleepless, enveloped within the stillness of the night..

Though I count my breaths slowly, in succession, I can't help but imagine the warmth of his hand upon my breast, the way in which he would cup it oh-so-tenderly - just before taking my nipple firmly between his moist lips.

But, we're friends, Darling. That's all I want for us, I've explained this to him, time and time again.

 I tremble slightly as I envision him grazing my hardened nub lightly with his teeth, only to then inflict the beloved intensity of a sharp yet steady bite. The mere thought sends waves of need and urgency throughout every inch of my body.

We have a beautifully pure, platonic love. Isn't that enough?

He trails hungry kisses along my abdomen, taking in the scent of my flesh, then the sweet musk of my desire as he reaches my bare, wet cunt.

I care for you deeply… just not in that way.

 My smooth, swollen lips crave the attention of his mouth. I witness myself yielding fully to him as he spreads me wide, his hands grasping my hips and cradling the roundness of my ass before diving deep.

Yet, it could never be, My Love.

I feel his skilled, eager tongue thrust, then lap, then thrust again inside of me.

Please don't be upset. I'm just trying to be honest with you.

In a flood of passion, my back arches… and the heat rises… and my muscles tense… and fragrant juices flow in abundance. My breath is suspended, and I feel myself approach the brink of ultimate release.

Finally, overcome with an undeniable, rapturous need for him, I cry out.

Darling, please come to me. I need you now!

 I shiver …

I shudder…



I sigh.



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