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Adam Pepper's dark fiction and poetry has been seen both online and in print in places like Dark Muse, Mindkites, Unlikely Stories and Voiding the Void. Adam writes reviews and articles for Fears Magazine and has also written for mainstream outlets such as New Woman Magazine and the Gannett Suburban newspapers.  Adam heads up the New York City chapter of HWA (Horror Writers Association). The Website for the NYC Chapter of HWA is cynosures.com/hwa-nyc/. His first novel, MEMORIA, an erotic dark fantasy piece is currently under consideration by a mass market publisher. 

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A Chance Encounter
by Adam Pepper 

"What price are you willing to pay for a little pleasure?" I asked her in the darkness of a smoky room.

 "As much as you are baby," she whispered, feigning shyness.

 She didn't know my name and I didn't know hers, neither cared. Our paths crossed at McKenna's Irish Pub. A few drinks and some small talk over lunch led to playful flirting--looks and winks; a nudge under the table. Then we wound up at the West Side Inn. I love their hourly rate, and the clean, relatively upscale rooms. Best of all, the attendants don't even speak English, so you sure as hell don't have to worry about them telling your boss or your significant other you were there.

 "How far are you willing to take it for a thrill?" I continued.

 "I always give back just what I get. It's all in your hands."

 "I wouldn't expect anything less. In fact, I'd be disappointed."

 "So would I," she giggled and nodded in agreement, flipping her long blonde hair in a way that made me nibble on my lip with anticipation.

 "How much will you risk?"

 "Everything," she told me, without any hesitation.

 "Will you risk your life?"

 "Of course. Now ante up big man." She suddenly took the offensive and I broke out in a sweat.

 "What would you do if I spank your tight ass?" I asked, trying to be slightly reserved.

 "Then I'll bite your strong neck," she shot back.

 I was instantly erect, my cock sprung like a pogo stick. I loosened my tie and asked boldly, "If I tie you up with ropes and have my way with you?"

 "Then I'll handcuff you and have mine."

 I was wondering how far I could take it. I needed to know. "If I choke you with my dick and make you gag?"

 "Then I'll drown and smother you with my pussy," she said as she unbuttoned her black sheer blouse, slowly.

 "And what if I whip your behind?"

 "Then I'll bite your balls!"

 I instinctively cupped my groin after that one. To look at her from the outside, who could tell she was such an animal? She looked like a Manhattan businesswoman, which I believe she was. I pressed on, unfazed.

 "If I take one of those candles and burn your nipples with hot wax?" I asked as I pointed to the mantle.

 "Then I'll take a red hot poker from the fireplace and brand your belly."

 Now she was speaking my language! Just a little further, we've come this far.

 "And if I take hooks and drive them into your skin as we fuck?"

 "Then I'll take off that black leather belt you're wearing, squeeze it tightly around your neck, and watch your face turn purple 'till you cum."

 "I think we understand each other," I said as I slobbered. I couldn't wait to begin.

 "Yes, I want to taste you, and have you taste me." The intensity in her eyes showed she was eager too.

She came to me, and tore off my $800 suit, tossing it aside as if it was worthless. When I pulled her close, she felt good, and her aroma made me shiver with pleasant anxiety. Her well-manicured nails dug into my skin, yet all I could do was admire their beauty as my red blood matched the color of her nails. Lust consumed me, and I realized that no amount of pain she would inflict was going to hurt. I had no concern for the job to which I was already late returning. There was no price that I wasn't willing to pay for the passion that had just begun.

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