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Kayla Kuffs is a thirty-nine year-old female submissive living in Northern British Columbia, Canada. She's been writing erotic fiction and poetry for three years and has been submitting her work for publication for the last year. Kayla's writing as been seen in Amoret, Venus or Vixen? and ERA Galleries, as well as both www.slavestribute.com and www.slavedove.com. When not writing, Kayla spends time with her border collie and dabbles in stained glass. 

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by Kayla Kuffs 

When I see the evidence you leave behind or if I feel it, I'm taken to the moment I received it. That sharply defined instant you hurt me more than I could bear. An extra twist of a nipple that ensures I'll remember you all day. The extra smack of a paddle that will blossom into a rose on the cheek of my ass is your gift, flowers from you. It's there, you're there, I'm there. I don't shower when you leave me. More evidence of where you have been on my body. Smell, sight, sensation; the things you give me to keep you in my memory.

 I look in the mirror and see the rose is blooming. I caress it, thinking of how I begged for it. Craving evidence for tomorrow when you are out of my sight. A souvenir of my submission, your protection, our devotion. When I see it, I recall how desperately I needed you to understand my release. I wanted you to know I could bear anything you chose to give me. I needed you to know I would carry your pain with pride and tender thoughts.

 The welts that have grown on my tender flesh feel warm to the touch. They feel like you, warm and smooth. I remember holding onto to your strength when you finished inlaying the swells in my flesh. Your shoulders felt strong and solid under my hands. I feel the welts and I feel that strength. I remember the pain and I remember your whispers. I remember joy.

 Every step I take induces mild torment to my swollen sex. The sex that accepted the force of your invading fist. The sex that screamed for more than it could take and more than you could give. I want all of you inside of me; I want all of me inside of you. And then, when my body at last erupts into seizures of orgasmic ecstasy, I get what I want.

 Through you, I release the burden of emotion I carry through the day. You take my anger and frustration and mold it into passion hotter than a blacksmith's iron. You take my sadness and wring it from my body, banishing my anguish, expanding my capacity to love you. Leaving more room for you to invade my soul and fill it with what is good and true. You fill me with confidence, security and love. You fill me with what I crave. I am filled with you.

 When I see the evidence you leave behind or if I feel it, I'm taken to that moment...

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