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M.R. Alicante lives in the Houston area. A fledgling fiction writer, he enjoys books, hot weather, and living on the Gulf Coast. He may be contacted at: maricante@yahoo.com

Rianna, Two Guys and the Oven Buzzer
by M.R. Alicante

"Rianna, I'm really excited about Jack coming to see us this afternoon. You know, he and I were such close friends in college that...." 

"I know, Tom. You've talked about him all week. I'm glad you had a guy friend you could share so much with. Hey, he'll be here pretty soon. It's so hot--you'd better go pick up some beer. On your way out would you make sure all the doors and windows are open?"

 "Sure thing," he said. Tom pulled her close for a quick kiss before walking out the door. Rianna put some plates of egg rolls in the oven and decided she still had time to grab a shower.

 Minutes later, she pulled back the shower curtain and heard the oven alarm. "Damn. I wonder how long that's been buzzing." She ran dripping wet across the house to the kitchen, grabbed some pot holders, and reached into the oven. Standing up, she walked back towards the living room with a tray in each hand. There in front of her was a tall, slack-jawed hunk.

 "Uh, hi." She sheepishly managed a smile. "I'm Rianna. Glad you made it."

 "Hi….Rianna, I'm, uh, Jack. Sorry. I saw the door was open, so I just came in." Rianna noticed his eyes migrate slowly across her generous round breasts, skip down to her softly curving hips, then fix on her sparse pubic thatch. She'd just gotten a bikini wax, so she knew he was seeing quite a bit of labia and slit. She felt a tingle in her crotch. Was she actually enjoying him looking? She decided she must still be wet from the shower.

 Rianna hesitated for a second or two. Maybe three. "Would you give me a hand with these plates?"

 "Oh...uh, sure. Sorry," he said as he reached for them.

 "Careful--they may be hot. So did you have trouble finding my place out here in the country?" she said, acting nonchalant.

 "Not at all. Your pointers, uh, directions were great," said Jack, staring at her hardening nipples.

 As he spoke, Tom walked in with the beer. Rianna froze as she watched his eyes jump from her still-wet tits to Jack to the trays to the open oven and down to her pubis. Why was her crotch tingling again?

 She noticed Jack wasn't moving, either. Gradually, Tom's face broke into a wry grin. Rianna's eyes grew huge when she heard him say, "Aw, what the hell. Isn't she spectacular?"

 "She's awesome, Tom. It's great to see you," Jack said as he walked over and hugged Tom hard.

 Tom handed Jack a beer and nudged him towards a living room chair. Rianna, feeling momentarily ignored, started to ease her way past them to the bedroom, but Tom grabbed her by the waist and pulled her down with him into a chair across from Jack.

 She tried to push off his lap. "Why don't you guys help yourself to some food while I get some clothes on?"

 "Don't bother, Ri. You're fine just like you are," Tom responded, pulling her back down onto his lap. As he gave her a hard kiss on the lips, his hand brushed across her breast. He did that on purpose, she decided.

 She noticed Jack staring brazenly at her nipples again. Her thigh felt a little push coming from inside the crotch of Tom's jeans. Rianna stared at him in utter amazement. He's getting off on this, she thought. My lover is showing me off to his best friend and they've both got hard-ons. I should be getting upset--so why am I getting so wet?

 Even with all the doors and windows open, Rianna felt very warm. "Maybe we should go out on the back porch," she said, wriggling out of Tom's grasp.

 They all stood up. "Mind if we take our shirts off?" Tom asked her.

 She shot him an incredulous glare. "Take whatever the hell off you want, Tom."

 The guys got rid of their shirts, socks, and shoes. The shade and breeze on the back porch felt good and the beers were really cold. As the afternoon wore on, Jack impressed Rianna. He was kind and thoughtful, and obviously cared a lot for Tom. He even got to the point where he could talk to her without staring so much at her bare tits.

 There weren't any chairs on the porch, just a couple of floor cushions. Rianna shared half of Tom's. Initially she was careful to sit with her knees together and her feet by her side or under her butt, but either way the hard floor hurt her ankles. After a couple of beers and trips to the fridge, she ended up cross-legged in front of them. She noticed the bulges in both of their crotches were getting bigger. Neither guy was talking much now,which made her realize what nice eyefuls they were getting of her clit and hole.

 Feeling the wetness in her pussy, she was surprised to find how much she enjoyed them looking at her. Suddenly a thought -- no, a dare -- occurred to her.

 Leaning back on her arms, she opened her legs to show off her pink and by now very juicy splayed-open sex. "Tom's always liked the view out here, Jack. How about you?"

 Jack was too flustered to answer, although Rianna noticed he wasn't too flustered to stop gaping at her spread thighs.

 Rianna almost laughed when she looked at Tom -- completely speechless, he looked so vulnerable and...sexy? On impulse, she leaned forward and unfastened his belt. Before he could react, she had his jeans unbuttoned and unzipped. Then she did the same to Jack. "I think you'd be a lot more comfortable without these," she said. Tom glanced at Jack and shrugged. Both of them stood up and shook off their jeans. They looked at Rianna, but her gaze was fixed on the bulges straining against their underwear. She gestured "down" with her hands. Two huge hard cocks mushroomed into view as briefs wriggled to the floor.

 Rianna sat spread-legged in front of the two standing men. She reached forward and grabbed both of their dicks so hard she could feel them pulsing inside her fists. Pulling Tom's towards her, she shoved it into her mouth. Rianna grabbed his balls so he couldn't move while she caressed his penis with her tongue. She slid her mouth back and forth until she tasted salty sticky liquid on the swollen tip. Backing her head off Tom's dick, she turned enough to pull Jack's throbbing prick into her mouth and let go of Tom's balls, grabbing Jack's instead.

 Rianna saw Tom walk behind her, then felt his hands on her shoulders. He gently pulled her off Jack's penis and over onto her back and elbows. Tom then eased her head back and put his mouth on hers. Opening her lips wide, she strained to push her tongue deep into his mouth. She balanced on one hand and reached for his crotch with the other. Rianna eased his body over hers until she could slide her mouth around his prick. She moaned softly when Tom's fingers found her nipples.

 Rianna felt Jack kneel down between her legs and push them far apart. One of his hands pressed up on her buttocks to give her some support. She groaned when his tongue began to gently probe her eager, wet vagina. Fingers started sliding sweetly in and out of her cunt. First one, then two... she lost count when she began to pant.

 Suddenly the tongue and fingers pulled away -- but she wanted them back! Silently, desperately, she begged - -bring them back! Put them back in -- I want them back in! Her pelvis thrust uncontrollably upwards and her cunt gaped wide as it desperately searched for something to fill the void left by his fingers. She heard a voice -- did Jack just ask Tom for a condom? Hands -- they must be Jack's - -grabbed her buttocks and jerked them straight up. Rianna struggled to keep her balance with her back bent and in the air, her hands and feet on the floor, and Tom's prick filling her mouth. Suddenly a big, sweet, delicious penis plunged into her Pussy, deep and hard. She gasped, and her elbows gave out. Cocks slipped out of mouth and cunt as she crumpled to the floor.

 Rianna tried to hold her thoughts together. Through a warm haze she noticed that the guys were trading places. Was Tom putting on a condom, too? With a start she realized she was now completely helpless and she couldn't stop them from doing whatever they wanted with her. Okay, she thought. I'll be okay. It feels so good. As long as they don't stop. Okay with me. Just don't let them stop.

 Rianna could no longer see Tom, but Jack came around to her face and kneeled in front of her. She felt hands on her shoulders and her hips. Her body quivered as they gently turned her onto her stomach, then eased her up onto her hands and knees. She was so shaky they didn't dare let her go. Jack reached under her with one hand to caress a swinging breast. With the other hand, he pulled her mouth up to meet his for a long lingering kiss that made her whole face burn. When he pulled his lips away, she desperately strained to recapture them. Rianna saw Jack let go of her and straighten up. He rolled the condom off his dick, then he held her head and eased that huge prick into her mouth. Jack reached for her breasts again. Her panting came back faster than before when he started twisting her nipples between his fingers. Jack squeezed both her breasts with his big warm palms while his huge cock slid back and forth across her hungry tongue.

 Behind her, Tom still held her hips up with his hands. Rianna felt his legs spread her knees apart, and then his cock slid into her starving hole. A hand left her hip and reached underneath, across her belly. The hand found her clitoris and began to stroke it -- softly, then harder. Relentlessly harder. Rianna's entire body tightened under an unbearably mounting tension. She couldn't stand any more - -please stop, you have to stop -- please god don't stop, don't dare stop.

 Tom let out a low groan, and she felt his hips mash against her buttocks. His penis leaped and thrust deep into her vagina. A second later, Jack grabbed Rianna's hair as he filled her mouth and throat with come -- and an ecstatic wave pulsed from her very center and launched her to a sweet, dark faraway place. With a huge sigh Jack let her head and chest sag to the floor.

 The three of them lay in an exhausted heap. Smells of sweat and musk and afternoon heat filled Rianna's nose. Her eyes slid open just enough to make out Jack's drooping penis a foot away. Her hand seemed to be resting on his scrotum. A hairy leg -- Tom's? -- lay heavily across her butt. Her semen-covered mouth stuck to the pillow. Rianna smiled a lazy smile and languid thoughts wandered into her mind. I've just done two guys. Tom's best friend is in town. And it's not even dark yet... 

Copyright © 2001 M. R. Alicante. All rights reserved.

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