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Will Adams is a 37-year old biker as well as a writer. His writing career started one day when he was flirting online with a lady (common for him), and she said, "You're so good at flirting, maybe you should write stories." Hence Rajin' Cajun's Wet Spot, Will's erotic story website was born. 

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Car Wash
by Will Adams

I'm sitting here, bored to tears, watching all my employees working the car wash, while trying to catch up on some overdue paperwork. It's easy to see all that goes on around here, since three walls in my office are virtually nothing but glass-- having no blinds. It's perfect: I can make sure everyone's doing their job, not slacking.

 I see you coming, and what a saucy little walk you have, but I notice something I've never seen before. You're wearing a skirt, and a short one at that. My eyes glue to your thighs as you walk up to the door, looking at me, a mischievous look. You walk over to me, give me a playful kiss and immediately park yourself on my lap, not your usual place when you come to visit me. I look down at your legs; your thighs seem to sigh back at me. They look so good in fact, I still stare, even as you catch me watching.

 "Like what you see, sugar?" is your counter to my gawking at your sweet legs. I can only manage to mumble, "Uh huh. Yes, I do." You shift around on me slightly. Feeling your ass moving on my crotch excites me. You begin to feel the bit of excitement that you've already stirred in me. Looking around to make sure no one is watching, I casually reach down to touch your inviting legs, gripping soft skin over firm muscles. You feel so good to touch.

 I sigh, I tell you, whispering, "I wish there was some way for me to get off work early, so I could be with you like I want to." Checking first that no one is looking, I slide my hand under your skirt a bit, to touch higher up your thigh. You adjust yourself carefully to allow me more of an opportunity. You begin to look around, a bit nervously, and we both try not to be too obvious about how excited we've both become.

 After taking another sly look around, I slide my hand higher up your skirt and find your smooth panties; I feel a spot of wetness from your obvious arousal. I manage to slide a finger inside them; I find your sweet clit, and in seconds I feel it rise to my touch. You moan, too loudly... I shush you, just in case someone were to walk in, surely hoping no one would find reason.

 I slide my whole hand into your panties now, and you nearly squeal, biting your lip to ensure that you don't. You begin to subtly rock around on my now swollen cock; my hand fondling your clit and wet pussy lips seems to drive you mad. You rock harder, taking care to only move your hips; hopefully no one will know what we're doing. Feeling your firm ass slide up and down my cock is beginning to make me sweat. I whisper, " I won't be able to wait until quitting time to have you," and the smile you flash me tells me you feel the same way.

 I ask you to lift up, and as you do, I unzip my pants and slide them, along with my underwear, down just enough to let out my stiff hard on. You reach down, pull your skirt up, just a bit, then lower your panties.

 You pull the back of your skirt up above your hips and quickly sit back down, as your ass presses hard against my cock. Feeling my solid, naked shaft against your bare ass must drive you wild, too. You coo, quickly moving your ass back and forth on it, careful not to move the rest of your body too much, at the risk of being seen. You reach between your legs, grab my cock and place it so the top of it's flush against your juicy lips, and so the head touches your clit. You slide back and forth; my cock head rubs hard against your clit, making us both feel out of control.

 You lean over, elbows on the desk, and slightly raise your hips. You whisper to me in a desperate voice, "Put it in, now!" Commanded by your whisper and my desires, I reach down placing the head of my cock against your opening, and you lower yourself onto me, slowly, then deeply. My cock feels huge; it's twitching, your walls contracting onto me in violent little squeezes.

 I reach between your legs again, and find your clit with my fingertips. It's so wet now, I press firmly, rubbing in a rapid circular motion. On the edge already, you cry softly as your clit seems to explode, spasming. You come hard; I feel you squeeze my cock tightly, sitting perfectly still on it. You are humming; my cock is deep inside you. I feel your clit dancing under my fingers as it jerks, pulsating. You must want more; you start squirming violently onto my cock, losing care of the fact that the surrounding windows make us vulnerable to be seen. You must not care anymore-- it seems you want to come harder now. I want you to milk my cock, fill you up.

 You sit up straight, allowing all your body weight to press, enveloping me, driving me deep inside you. I can feel the very bottom of your wet depths now. You continue rocking; I do my best to meet each stroke, driving myself deeper into you. We rock together, I grab your breasts, hold on tightly as we both come. Time hovers, you scream out and I moan loudly as we share a violent release, nearly tipping the chair over from our exhilaration.

 We try to breathe, together, exhausted. You lean forward onto the desk in order to hold yourself up as I lean back, fighting for air. I nervously scan the walls to see if anyone noticed our frolic. All seems quiet, the same old boring day: men at work doing their jobs. Somehow, you manage to stand, pull up your panties. You bend over, tucking my spent cock back inside my pants. You give me a kiss and say, "I'll see you later".

 I watch you walk away, nearly skipping until you are out of sight.

Copyright © 2001 Will Adams. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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