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~ Penelope Lively (1987)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 2 Spring Issue, 2001

How To Host an Orgy
A New Sexy Idea for Adult Games!
by Samantha Roark

I would like to introduce you to the latest product available for adult entertainment: www.hostanorgy.com. Host an Orgy is a Canadian company that sells tasteful adult orgy games. 

Samantha Roark, a 32 year old with a penchant for writing erotica, created her business after going to a murder mystery party. She realized it would have been a lot more exciting if they had all taken off their disguises and got right to it. Her last year has been spent writing themes, and having them tested by a group of adventurous friends.

The orgy games currently come in four themes: Caligula Gift-Giving Party, Dinner Costume Party, Victorian High Tea Party, and the Office Party. Each game can be ordered to your sexual preference: heterosexual, bi-curious, lesbian and homosexual. The games include information for both the host, (including how to invite people and how to prepare for the event), and separate information packages for the guests. Each kit contains character roles, host information, invitations, place settings and most importantly, sealed directions (the prompting clues) directing the participants what to do, when to do it, and to whom. All the kits are designed for six intimate participants.

The host will be given the information relating to the preparation for the party, music, food, drink etc. The host will also receive sealed guest packages that will be sent to the other participants. The host will know which character their guests will be coming as, but will not know what their individual requirements will be, or what the guests will be wearing or bringing. The host will also receive place cards and the sealed prompting clues.

Each guest will receive an invitation with an honest explanation of what the party is all about. Inside the invitation is a sealed envelope which reveals their character's evening or afternoon. This package contains dressing instructions, character information and most importantly how to prepare. 

Since the object of the party is to end up in a wonderful amalgamation of people, bodies and sensuality the only mystery is "what is going to happen next?" The prompting clues introduce each partygoer to everyone at the party in a sexual way.

The games were originally invented to introduce newcomers to the swinging lifestyle, however Roark says that the majority of her clients are established swingers. 

"They love my games. Instead of going to parties and doing the same old-same old, well now they are directed through the game. Who wouldn’t enjoy that element of mystery!"
So, what's next for Roark?
"Our latest game, Spin the Bottle, came out on Thursday, April 12. It is for straight guys and bi-curious women, and was written at a customer’s request. I am currently working on games for threesomes, and I am tempted by the biker scene. I have had a lot of requests for that area of erotica."
Can't think of what to buy for that special person in your life? Our games are quality sexy gifts that give adults a foothold to a new life of sex and fantasy. If you and your partner have talked about it but never acted on it, our games provide an uninhibited invitation to the world of orgy. 

We will be happy to include a personal greeting with your order. Just include your special card or letter when you mail in your order and we will ensure that it is included in the package. To order a game or for more information, please visit www.hostanorgy.com.

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