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Andrew Widdett  is a 37 year old Englishman that has found sanctuary in Santa Barbara, CA. His real job is computers, but poetry is the inspiration and driving force that underpins it all.

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Sex on the Beach

With dunes silhouetting our presence
Playfully hiding, our decadent motives
The wine mellowing our inhibitions
With heat radiating from around and within

Our toes curled tightly into the sand
We lie face-to-face; pore-to-pore
Skin smoothed silky with cream
Cravings warmed by a midday sun

The sun and drink inducing boldness
I pull you yet even closer to me
The contact full, with flagrant disregard
As your breasts nestle softly at my chest

My hands trace the contours of your back
Seeking the arches of your desire
You reciprocate, a quiver of erogenous skin
As our mouths meet hard with passion

I edge tenderly away, releasing you
To drink the beauty before me,
To seek liberation of your scant clothing
To release to my eyes; every curve before me

I trace my tongue under your short breath
With tautness undulating with me as I move
Leave faint trace lines over your body
Lower, the teasing soft tempo of a pendulum

Your hands, with sense of desperation,
Forcefully reach for me, seeking proof
A small gasp escapes, as fingers pull me closer
Caressing to a soft echo of my tongue

With near regretful force, you lift my head,
Lips mash, breath both sweet and heavy,
Laced with the heady alcohol of sex
As our bodies open, the embrace deep

Sum warmed air displaced, by hot skin
As our union becomes complete,
Short movements staying the need for release
As we savor the intimacy and voyeurism

And finally with animal lust sated
The waves of calm close heavy on our limbs
As we lie, together, as one island alone
Drinking the cocktail of sun and sand

Copyright © 2001 Andrew Whiddet. All rights reserved. 

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