(in no particular order... we love you all the best!)

to thank you
Mind Caviar, Vol. 2 Summer Issue, 2001

The Biggest Bouquets to all the talented writers, artists and staff
who make Mind Caviar possible.
We simply couldn't exist without you.
Thank you for making Mind Caviar so smart, sassy and sexy!

to thank you

rose Oceania thank you for calling, for listening, for your friendship and that... OH THAT... voice! ~JJG
rose Mia Jennings thank you for your friendship, your kind words, your medicine, your healing words, and your precious art. The shoe is fabulous! and so are you. 
rose Renaldo You always amaze me with your knowledge. Thanks for saving my sanity when my Web site disappeared, and thank you for helping me to get it back again! 
rose Door Moose once again, your wisdom and patience has helped me to survive. THANK YOU! And kisses to Bickles the Ridickles for taking care of you for me. Kiss him nose for me!
rose D-- thanks for networking our computers, delivering lots of magic boy stuff to our house and for checking in on me while I had a nervous breakdown and for crazy links and cool tunes and doing parties til dawn and putting up with all our rants and lusts and fury and love. And for not killing Alex cause he still tries to jump ya. We're working on that... and for driving me around when I needed someone just to fucking drive! Cars make me so damn hot... so does Tom Waits
rose Darren Wexler-- thank you for my new Janis Joplin dollie! She is totally weird. Perfect. ~JJG
rose King Velveeda thanks for your patience and for your awesome talent! And for making me a celebrity shoe judge. You are a great artist and a sweet man. 
rose Sam Stern your porn is outrageous, I LOVE it! Thank you for sharing your film and comic art with me. I'm so glad we met and that I could show you off to the world. 
rose Drew at Threepillows.com thanks for the opportunity to work with you and congratulations on your successful new hot and sexy MMF bi site! 
rose Brett Axel thanks for personally inviting me to join your lively bi-exclusive discussion group, and for all your activism work! You have the heart and mind of a poet. I look forward to meeting you in person.
rose Kudos to Sabrina for bravely taking care of so much at home. We are here for you! ~JJ & A
rose Kudos to Mommy Dumpling who makes me Banana Pannycakes with Porkies and thinks I'm gorgeous. 
~ Aldonza
rose Mistress Jean Thank you so much for the past three months, as well as the beautiful corset you've made for me.  I'm honored to submit to you, and find you a truly fascinating woman! ~Lady M
rose Chuck Jennings Thank you so much my darling for all that you've done for me! I love you. ~Lady M
rose Jamie Joy Thank you so much for your talent and hard work.  Without you, Mind Caviar wouldn't exist.  You mean so much to me!  I think you're a wonderful friend and editor.  Thank you so much for everything. 
~Lady M
rose My Chicken, I love you so! ~BJ
rose To LP I know you are waiting. So are we. Don't stop looking. Find your way home.
rose To GA I realize I have tried your patience and made it hard sometimes, but thank you for not letting me fall too hard. Your wings must be awfully strong!
rose Thank you to the ghosts and angels, and to Dasha and Whiska who watch over us so gently.
rose Miss Coco Chanel and Harley-Davidson you are constant companions and my angels. How lonely I would be without your love and friendship! 
rose We continue to honor and always remember the suffragettes and wise women who paved the way-- all the witches burned and heroines who lived and died so that we could have the rights we now so often take for granted. 
rose Here's to all modern pornographers, especially the ladies. Keep up the vital work.

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