Mind Caviar

"If it's not erotic, it's not art."

~ Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 2 Summer Issue, 2001

Art Bob Suchland our featured artist, was born December 28, 1970. 

While he dares not compare himself and his work to the master pin-up artists of the 40s and 50s, such as Earl Moran, Gil Elvgren, Rolf Armstrong and Alberto Vargas, they have definitely been a huge influence on his work.

He figures the reason he tends to shy away from doing more hard-core, blatantly erotic work is due to this influence. While he greatly admires the work of other artists who produce more sexually explicit work, a part of him yearns for a time when the sight of a girl's panties would cause a man to run a high fever.

He's very happy to live in a time without overt sexual repression, yet still finds a quick, white cotton flash under a skirt to be a most erotic event. A little innocence causes the sinful side to be all the more delicious. Mind Caviar couldn't agree more! 

Art Art
Art art
art art
About the Gorgeous Women

"I've been told by some that my work is too voluptuous for the mainstream, but not big enough for the BBW crowd. One critic said my work had an "urban sexuality", a term I think describes it well. The women I draw are not supermodels, they're not 18, but neither are they extreme cases of obesity. The women I draw live down the street from you. She may be a doctor, a laywer, an artist, a waitress at the waffle house who has three kids, who works fifty hours a week. But no matter who she is, come Saturday night, she's going to get all dolled up, and go out on the town with her boyfriend/husband/girlfriend. And when she does, she's going feel beautiful; she's going feel sexy; and you know what? She is!"

About the Art & Medium

"I used to do a lot more work in pencil, and acrylics, to which I hope to return. I've found the computer a great boon to the time challenged in creating art. First, I hard line my work with ink on paper, and then I use a computer art tablet to color and shade. No morphs, or computer generated stuff, but I do like the slick, polished look a computer lends.

I focus most of my energy on the female form. And why not? I mean, I love trees as much as the next guy, but come on! There's nothing as beautiful as a woman. A lot of people will point out that most of my figures are very full-figured. Well of course, you're going to draw what you find attractive."

About the Artist

"I have been fascinated by art for as long as I can remember. In elementary school, I would drag my grandfather to the local art museum at least once a month, and never tired of it. When I grew up and moved out on my own, the first place I lived was an artist's community known as The Warehouse. I played with some Pop Art there, as well as pottery and sculpture. I soon grew tired of the schmoozing and pandering to the uppercrust that goes along with being a "fine art" artist. 

I'm much more at home being a lowbrow artist. I've worked as a tattoo artist, and enjoyed the instant gratification you get from seeing some one so happy to get a piece of your work done especially for them. Unfortunately, there are a lot of politics in the business of tattooing, which I didn't enjoy so much. To pay the bills, I finally turned my artistic bent toward custom high end furniture and woodwork. I would like to combine both of my artistic leanings, pinups and furniture, at some future time.

I've spent most of my life below the Mason-Dixon. My personal life is fairly mundane, even though I'm a full time greaser/rockabilly character. I married my high school sweetheart, and we have been together now for thirteen years and are monogamous by choice, which probably sounds boring to a lot of forward thinking people. All I can say is its amazing, and gets better every year."

Contact the Artist

For questions and comments regarding the featured artwork, or for art sales, please email Bob Suchland at scarybobby@hotmail.com. Please visit Scary Bob's Big Original Beauties in order to see more of his voluptuous beauties. 

At his website, you can also sign up for Daily Trash delivered fresh daily to your email box. Daily Trash consists of a new email each day featuring a strange picture, oddball links, including "Daily Pick up!" a hand-picked nudie shot of a Bob-o-liscious plump cutie. 

All Art Photos Copyright © 2001 Bob Suchland. All rights reserved.

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