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Nothing else does."

~ Anne Roe (1952)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 2 Summer Issue, 2001

Art Jher's photography is how he sees women. They are indeed works of art, and what he captures of women on film is merely a tiny sample, a miniscule wiff of their essence. Jher hopes someday to have some more elaborate system of recording women so that he can share them more intensely with the world. 

He believes most people are too shy or too imprinted by society to really be sexually expressive.  "The world is pretty dull for the most part. It's what we do in it that makes it exciting." 

Art Art
Art art
art art
About the Gorgeous Women

"The majority of my models are either close friends or ex-girlfriends. I've had a few women who just wanted to pose for me, and I really don't know much about them-- but only a few. Most of the models I've known for at at least two to three years, and we're all very comfortable with each other. I always get asked, "How do you get them to do that for you?" Well, the answer is simple, I ask them. I've very rarely been turned down. Then again, I only ask the ones I think will probably enjoy being an exhibitionist. I don't go around asking everyone. Sometimes models volunteer. 

For me, photography is a way to work off desires. I think of something that really turns me on, and then I think of who I'd like to see doing that, and I try to get them to do it. That in itself is sometimes the best part. Take for example the holiday shoot I recently did with my model, Wednesday. Just imagine what it was like to ask someone to masturbate with a candy cane, dressed like a female Santa. It made for a very entertaining shoot.

I recently did some outdoor work out at Hippy Hollow in Austin, which is a nudist beach near where I live. I took along another photographer and three models. After about an hour, we had a crowd of people standing around watching the shoot, and we had to leave. Not because we were violating any laws or because the people were accosting us-- no, we had to leave because they kept getting in my shot!"

About the Subject Matter

"I started developing a taste for the fetish photography out of Europe, and found myself disgusted with the blonde-haired, big titted "normal" standards of beauty here in the U.S. Instead, I found myself more attracted to dark-haired, petite German women-- sort of a throwback to the 1920's flapper, or later WWII fetish club era. 

I really like lingerie more than anything. You'll see quite a variety in my photos. Somewhere along the way I fell in lust with the female upper thigh, so a lot of my photos have beautiful stockings and garters. Some people are breast people, some are ass people, I'm a thigh guy!"

About the Medium

"The hardware I have used has run from my old Canon AE-1 to my new Nikon N80. I've used Epson, Kodak and currently Olympus Digital cameras, Sanyo and Sony analog and digital video cameras, 3d cameras, and even 4 lens toy cameras. A large bulk of my work isn't yet published on the Internet, but I'm slowly trickling it out on my website. I develop all of my own film, make my own prints and for the most part hand scan all of my negatives on my Olympus 35mm film scanner. I do try and clean up my negatives in PhotoShop. I am a stickler for detail, so I like them to be as crisp and clean as possible. I am always spending 5-60 minutes removing the smallest dust spot, or scratch, from my negatives in PhotoShop. I actually delight in it. Once I went as far as to remove one of my models arms at the elbow and rotate it 20 degrees and reattach it just so the shot looked "perfect". I'd tell you which photo it is, but you'd probably never believe me."

About the Artist

"I've been interested in this sort of photography since I was about 15. I actually got my first "glamour photography" book around then. My mother was certain I was just getting it for the pictures, but I actually did read it cover to cover several times. It was full of the old Penthouse-style shots, lots of golden tones, gel filters, star filters, the works. As I grew older, I started liking the more esoteric images. I hated the gel filter stuff and began collecting images off of local BBSes (bulletin-board-systems) and later the Internet.

Later, I found the French photographer Dahmane and decided, "This is exactly what I want my photos to look like, except I want them to be explicit." By By "explicit" I mean the clarity of the images: strong blacks, pure whites, interesting backgrounds, gorgeous models. Little did I know that Dahmane was already working on doing more explicit photos. Exactly as I'd planned! Well, it turns out I met him over the Internet and volunteered to run his website for about a year in 1999. During that time we talked a lot and I learned a lot of good things from him. I even flew out to meet him and his wife Chloe in Paris. It was definately a turning point in my photography. He helped to spur me on, and give me the positive feedback I needed to take my photography to another level."

Contact the Artist

For questions and comments regarding the featured artwork, or for art sales, please email Jher at jher@fnord.org

Please visit Eumorphia in order to see more of Jher's intensely personal erotic art. There are many samples to browse. At his website, you can become a member and have access to hundreds of Jher's images.

"My members website is $10/month and currently has 1800+ images in it. I've also started posting some videos from the shoots to the members area. Currently there are 4 mpeg videos but there are more to come.  I update the website on the 15th of the month just to be different. I figure all the other websites update on the 1st of the month so by updating during the middle of the month, it gives you something to look forward to while you wait for any other web subscriptions to update."

All Art Photos Copyright © 2001 Jher. All rights reserved.

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