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Sara Underwood  is a previously unpublished poet from the UK. Mind Caviar is proud to present such a talented and promising writer. We look forward to publishing more of her work. Enjoy!

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Too Long

She beckons me
With a smile
Her pink lips full

It's me next
It's my turn

I move toward her
She smiles again
Warm eyes pull me closer

I look deep into them
And voice my desire

She listens carefully
Taking it all in
My voice caresses her

She clarifies my request
Is that what I really want?
Do I want anything else?

Yes, yes, yes

Within minutes she obliges
The warmth she delivers
Burns into my hand

I clutch my fast food bag
And leave, satisfied

It has been too long
Since I got laid.

Copyright © 2001 Sara Underwood. All rights reserved. 

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