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Violet Skye  is, besides being a zine editor and writer, a really sassy cook, a rocket scientist, a sculptress and a natural blonde. She can often be found enjoying lounge music or indulging in decadent cuisine. 

Correspond with Violet Skye 

To H. S.
by Violet Skye

Just before dawn 
your skin glows 
in the half-light. 

Your scent 
of smoke and spice 
and man 
draws me to the edge of desire. 

I press against you 
one arm draped over your hip, 
lips poised to kiss the 
back of your neck. 

In my mind you awaken 
with a low moan, 
almost a growl. 

You turn to me, 
one strong arm 
enfolds my waist, 
your other hand 
caresses me 
as your mouth covers mine. 

You press against me 
and then within me, 
all hunger 
and longing 
and passion... 

But you sleep. 
And I burn. 

Copyright © 2000 Violet Skye. All rights reserved.

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