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Dave Ruslander  started writing poetry at the young age of fifty. He is a computer engineer by day, and a poet by night. Mind Caviar premiered this promising poet in our Anniversary Issue, 2001. Dave has since been published in Mi Poesias, Melic Review, Green Tricycle, HorseThiefs Journal, Niederngasse, Free Verse Poetry Journal and many others.

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Water Beads in my Hair

Gold spears of light dangle
in grey-green water.
My swim refreshingly cold,
goose bumps smoothed 
by terrycloth. 

Schooner rocks with swells;
fire balls are tossed back
from the surface to my eyes.
Raybans polarize glare.

My naked body warmed
mimosa sails through my mind;
you step up from below
I turn on my back
and invite you home.

Copyright © 2001 Dave Ruslander. All rights reserved. 


Pheromones dance - 
peak my desire 
from a place 
beyond my ken. 

I don't want to lose this 
salt breeze floats over waves 
you fade away 
and I dance without a partner.

Copyright © 2001 Dave Ruslander. All rights reserved. 

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