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Lady M's  poetry has been published in several international anthologies including The International Library Of Poetry, The Iliad Press, The Phoenix Press, The Famous Poet's Society and Sparrow grass Poetry Forum

The following poem tells of the mixed emotions associated with the anticipation of the whip. 

She Stands Still
by Lady M.

She stands still.
wondering with wetness and hot anticipation
of when her lover will use the erotic black whip
which she holds teasingly in her soft, gloved hand.

He observes her from afar,
as the flames of ecstasy burn
with impatience between her creamy thighs.
Never permitting her to move,
not even a flicker.

From the distance
he can hear her make a restless sound.
Deliciously displeased,
His dominant voice commands,
"Stand still or I'll spank you."

A naughty grin overcomes this little vixen
as she moves out of spite and obstinance,
just so she can hear her Dominant One
walk to her with masterly stride.
She feels him remove the whip from her hand,
waiting for his punishment upon her tender ass.

He sits down on the concrete hearth
and bends her forward over both his knees
whispering sinfully, "You're a very a bad girl," 
as he exposes her vulnerable ass
to his tempted eyes and kisses it.

She shakes with expectancy
and raises her hips
while he manipulates with skill
the erotic whip in his hand.

Soon, she moans with pleasure
and screams in pain
when it cracks against her delicate skin,
causing her to soar into a spinning world of bliss.

With every deserving strike
her flesh quivers with excitement
while her warm wetness culminates
second by second
Between her long, lean legs.

The warm pink of her flesh increases
until it radiates a beautiful glow
to the man who loves and punishes it.

Now she stands still 
by the fire
Rosy cheeked and still
in silence.
Submissive once more
pondering on the edge of uncertainty.

What will happen next?

"She Stands Still" Poem Copyright © 2000 Lady M. All rights reserved.
"She Stands Still" Photograph Copyright © 2000 Charles Jennings. All rights reserved.

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