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Jamie Joy Gatto   is a New Orleanian, a bisexual advocate, a sex writer, author and columnist. She is currently working on a manuscript of her collected short fiction. She also happens to be the fiction editor of this webzine, but don't let that fool you. She's really a poet at heart. 

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by Jamie Joy Gatto

Starlit wonders 
open and fade 
with such clarity 
as you take me into 
your whole, 
It makes me wonder 
if there is anything else 
I could possibly find 
about me 
that is not in between your legs.

by Jamie Joy Gatto

Twenty boys I played with til I died. 
Twenty boys I played with til I cried. 
Mommy, take me to another town 
 where twenty boys, again, 
will take me down. 

Torn Together
by Jamie Joy Gatto

 Broken stairs
 take us to an empty place 
 where we find a warm spot 
 to comfort ourselves, 
 and we drink until we cannot see 
 that the reason we are here 
 is because we are both 
 broken stairs 
 that need a space, 
 a sacred place, 
 an easier way 
 to find one another.

by Jamie Joy Gatto

When you fuck me,
wanna try to play something new? 

Wanna try to please 
my child inside? 
Whose eyes are seeing a man 
for the very first time.

Who is a little afraid 
that she is doing something bad, 
something wrong, 
or worse, something good. 

When we try it from behind, 
will you tell me 
we are only playing horsey? 

Will you use me? 
Will you ride me? 
Maybe you'll abuse me. 

Will you play with me until I come 
in shudders and tears? 

tearing up a part 
I thought was buried 
like gold. 

Just like walking 
and slipping 
in sand.

Copyright © 2000 Jamie Joy Gatto. All rights reserved.
Photos Copyright © 2000 Laurel Stephens. All rights reserved.

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