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Laura Heidy  offers, "Suffice it to say, I write, I work, I mother, and I dream.  And sometimes, I dance when the full moon is rising. None of it has anything to do with the others. I have done a multitude of things in my life, I plan on doing a multitude more."

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Series of Haiku

Rain starts in silence ~ grass slick beneath her bare feet ~ no sound but giggles

Mud between her toes ~ dancing with the rain crazed worms ~ smiling like sunshine

Fingers lift wet hair  ~  beaded water on her neck  ~  his thirst so sudden

Shrugging off damp shirt  ~  arms at side, letting it fall  ~  rain splattered tan lines

Tangled in damp lace ~ arms stretch, reaching behind her  ~  what shall he do now?

He traces the drops   ~  ruby nipples hardening   ~   tongue sliding straps down

Gold hoop thru navel   ~  rain bubble, caught in circle  ~ perfectly centered

Tongue breaking bubble  ~  belly quivers in delight  ~  his arms surround her

Beneath darkened skies  ~ sensuous storms are brewing ~ anticipating

The rain falls harder  ~  she is seriously drenched  ~ both outside and in

Joining with the storm  ~  arching close in wet embrace  ~  she takes him higher

So wonderfully wet ~ dampness trickling down her thighs ~ she stands in puddles

Stretching on tip-toes  ~ passion rising with the wind   ~ clouds quiver in glee

Her touch on his skin ~ desire swells like storm clouds ~  the wind whispers "please"

She falls to her knees  ~  his hands tangle in her hair  ~  the eye of the storm

There is no calm here  ~  only thunder in his ears  ~  hurricane brewing

Her hands draw him near ~ tugging jeans down shiver thighs ~ the wind screaming "now"

Center of the storm  ~  he's rising as she's  reaching  ~   elements collide

Clutching at lost clouds  ~  at the edge of the rainbow  ~  the wind shrieking  "yes"

Lightning in her eyes   ~  she throws back her head, moaning  ~ swallows the rainfall

Rain ends in silence  ~ she's slick beneath his bare hands  ~ no sound but smiling

Copyright © 2001 Laura Heidy. All rights reserved. 

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