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E. Doyle-Gillespie's   work has appeared in Finland's Sivullinen, Canada's Tickled By Thunder, UK's Towards 2000, and CyberPoet. In the US, he has been published in numerous journals and has received awards and recognition from The Atlanta Review, J. Darrow and Company and many others. The following poem was first published in Peacockblue. 

"Eroticism is important work. Vital work. Any work that explores and celebrates the most important parts of the human spirt... the human condition... is vital to us." 
--E. Doyle-Gillespie 

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Renatta at the Corner Table
by E. Doyle-Gillespie

honey mine, 
I don't want to marry you. 
You'll understand when I say, 
I can't stand the idea of babies, PTAs or parents' night. 
Can't pick out wall paper and china pattern shit with you. 
And I don't want to fill out tuition checks or baste some damn turkey. 
But, with your accent sounding so good right now all mixed up 
with that saxophone and that cat's piano, 
your hair slicked back like a flapper's, 
and you wearing men's clothes and blowing smoke rings like Marlene Dietrich, 
you'll understand when I say, 
I want to make love to you. 
Right here in the Top of the World Cafe'. 
To lift your skirt and be Henry Miller under arched bridges for you. 
To have you decorate your eyes with kohl, 
Wear gypsy rags 
and let me take you negresse' in your father's study. 
Wear garters, 
I'll buy that fedora I tried on the other day, 
and I'll make love to you on the balcony 
or down by the subway stairs at half-past midnight. 
I'll kiss those ripe thighs, roll you on my Persian rugs 
and spread you out 
like a Georgia O'Keefe sunrise. 

Copyright © 2000 E. Doyle-Gillespie. All rights reserved.

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