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B. J. Bradford  is a mid 40's a technophile, was raised on the classics and like most boomers, feels he has at least one novel in him. He thinks it must be hiding behind his pancreas or something, because he can't seem to find it! His creative outlets are primarily in the performing arts as a singer, musician and actor. 

Shall We Dance?
by B. J. Bradford 

A raging torrent, lust unfurled 
which knows no earthly bounds 
drives hands whose fingers delve to touch 
those lips that make no sounds. 

While lips that speak have now been stilled, 
in order to perfect their grip upon the fonts of life, 
still soft and yet erect. 

A boudoir frenzy, frantic but 
with perfect measured pace
each emotion has a motion, 
each motion has its place. 

The hands that clasp, and lips that beg, 
to savor in the feast cooperate and find a way 
to tame the two-backed beast. 

Their passions soar and juices flow 
the deities are hailed! 
til both combatants lie as dead, 
impaler and impaled. 

The curtain's down, the crowd is gone, 
til next they have a chance 
to hold their partner close and say, 
"My darling, shall we dance?"

Copyright © 2000 B. J. Bradford. All rights reserved.

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