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J. A. Scott  writes poetry and erotic fiction and has been published in Sidewalk's End, Green Tricycle and MindKites: Perceptions on the Fringe. She enjoys writing and researching non-stereotypical relationships and the many interpretations of the concept of Love. She lives and works in Northampton, Massachusetts.

The Portraits of Cicely Series

"Sweet Cicely" is the second story in a series of seductive prose filled with erotic imagery and heart-filled emotions. Follow the links to read those stories you may have missed, or dive into the following as a stand-alone tale. Enjoy!

"Introduction" and "Punishing Cicely" Story #1
"Nymphs at Play" Story #3

Sweet Cicely 
by J. A. Scott

Cicely basked in the new warmth of summer as an old metal fan's breezes lifted her hair from her face and shoulders. She had been stilled nude, bent over a table, arranging a bowl of fresh strawberries for nearly an hour, as Amy painted with quick, minuscule strokes. The fruit was unusually large, and held a red color rich as blood. The subtle curves of the piled berries mirrored the lines of Cicely's tender pink buttocks, the color for which Amy was proudly responsible. The erotic nature of the fruit was as startling as Cicely's sensuality was cool.

Amy set her brush aside and sipped from her black stemmed wine glass, signaling a break. Her long ebony tresses fell carelessly down her back. She watched as her model stretched deliciously, arching her back and massaging her shoulders. She set down her glass and stepped around her easel with a roguish gleam in her eye that sent an excited tingle down Cicely's spine.

Amy chose a perfect heart shaped berry and brought it to Cicely's lips, barely grazing them. Cicely licked the berry, and nibbled the tip, before it was teasingly pulled away. She offered her another bite, then pulled Cicely in close and licked the redness from her lips. Amy slipped her tongue into the sweet mouth and delighted in the taste as she caressed Cicely's tongue with her own. She drew the girl's tongue into her own mouth, as she trailed the bitten berry down Cicely's throat to moisten each nipple in turn.

Cicely imagined Amy rubbing the sweet juice on all her favorite sensitive places and licking it off with a firm and skilled tongue. She imagined Amy's mouth suckling her own ripe berry now pulsing between her legs. She loved the way Amy would tease and suck the tasty morsel until Cicely would overflow with orgasm. But Amy was hungry with creativity, and never allowed her pet to predict anything.

Cicely was asked to turn around and place her palms flat against the floor, with knees unbent and feet slightly apart. She felt terribly exposed and excited as she felt cold strawberry juice trickle down the division of her prominently displayed behind.

Amy chose a very large berry from the bowl. Cicely waited for what seemed like an eternity for something to happen, some sensation, some delicious torture, but none came. Amy was examining the fruit as if it was a precious jewel, and Cicely became impatient with the artist's neglect. 

She was about to desert her position when she felt the small yet strong fingers caressing her genitals. She inhaled as her arousal and anticipation grew. Amy, content her model was ready, easily slid the large fruit between her nether lips and into the girl's vaginal cavity. Cicely was somewhat surprised by the invasion, but it was not an unpleasant sensation. Nor was the feeling when three equally large berries were then inserted. Cicely felt wonderfully full and tantalized by the rough seedy curves that rubbed against the deeply sensitive walls of her vagina. Each breath brought small tremors of orgasm, like the gentle rumble of thunder preceding a storm.

Amy sat on the floor in front of her and fed her a strawberry from her own mouth, as she pinched her dangling nipples, each in turn. Amy was quite naked by then, and rubbed a berry against her own womanly sweetness, before offering it to Cicely. Cicely ate the fruit with great ardor, devouring Amy 's earthy flavor.

Amy disappeared behind the model once again, though Cicely could see quite well from her pose. Amy cupped her vagina to weigh the fruit filling, rubbing her clitoris with an extended finger. 

She then tucked a swollen piece of fruit into the starving puckered mouth of Cicely's anus, half inside, holding her open. She bit the berry so that her lips grazed the expanded hole, then lovingly sucked the end of it out with a "pop". Cicely squirmed with delight as Amy inserted another large berry part way, before feasting on the tender sweet flesh of both woman and strawberry. All the while she cupped Cicely's bulging sex, bouncing its contents about, much to Cicely's enjoyment. A third and fourth berry were consumed, before Amy allowed her pet to stand.

She was made to resume her pose at the now half empty bowl as the artist retreated to her easel. Streaks of strawberry stains were added on Cicely's buttocks and legs. Her sex was made prominent and cheeks heavily blushed. A half eaten berry was painted on the floor, just behind the heel of the figure's left foot. Amy entitled the painting, "Sweet Cicely". 

Copyright © 2001 J. A. Scott. All rights reserved. 

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